A day of normalcy!

On Tuesday, I had a day of normalcy. Since my chemo last Wednesday, I have had a new ailment each day. It started with horrific nausea that no amount of anti nausea meds would help. I ended up sleeping the days away just to avoid being more nauseous which almost helped. Then, came the diarrhea, then vomiting, then more nausea. Unfortunately, I am taking so many things so who knows what is causing what. All I know is that food hasn’t been a priority, but staying hydrated is. the vomiting at night caused Jim to cancel his trip. Despite all the plans for rides, food delivery, and day visits, we did not have any night time coverage. Jim was not comfortable leaving us.

In between my fog, I still did physical therapy and managed to walk to the end of the block. What is still so frustrating is that this healing of the body is taking much longer than I thought. With the wound, the Cancer, and the colostomy, my body is doing the best it can do. I almost hear it telling me, “hey lady, you expect me to heal all these areas? Be patient, one thing at a time.”
Then, Tuesday came. It all had to do with what we call the Joanie project. Now, when I was in the hospital for two months, we had some really scary moments and some panic on my part. I hadn’t done all I wanted to do as far as “the plans”. Besides the general burial wishes, funeral wishes, there was the idea that I wanted to write letters to Alex for every major event and then every birthday. This idea also expanded to letters to Jim, my family, and more. When the recovery phase came, the reality of that task plus the energy and emotion it would take is something that I don’t have. So, a while back I thought I saw an ad with doing a video recording, but I couldn’t find this ad. Also, had friends look for it with no luck. Then, I thought about Megan who did Alex’s photo booth for his bar mitzvah and she normally does videos. She was so easy to work with and a great communicator. I sent her an email not really clear on my “joanie project”. She and I met and we both understood that this would be a fun video, upbeat, and would somehow capture me. She had suggested a make up artist, and at first I diasagreed. I’m so glad I listened to her. Raven from Vanity Belle Beauty turned me into a normal joanie from the grey Cancer joanie. I felt like me again. Jim said I looked beautiful and healthy and was speechless. The time passed quickly and we had a lot of fun. It was emotional at the end, but when I talk about tomorrow’s it usually is….I highly recommend doing a video project, but more for an anniversary gift or milestone birthday. It is fun to remember all the good times and the great memories. It is more fun to know that this part is done and my message of finding your sunshine, not sweating the small stuff is recorded in my voice with my healthy face. I cannot thank Megan enough for making the process so easy and fun and Raven for making me feel normal.
You can see for yourself the photos…
watertree video modelwatertree video 1watertree video 2watertree video 3watertree video 4

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