Best sunshine ever, being HOME!

A home healthcare which is not a home HELLthcare! Would you believe a real nurse came over and reviewed each medication with me and spent 2 hours with me and a real PT who evaluated me with no surprise of weakness in legs followed by the lecture that just because you feel 1000% better in mind, you must allow your body to heal. You all know I have no time for that, but okay I listened. All this real home care and more! A call from a nighttime on call nurse who said if I need anything to call, but explained that she mostly does a lot of talking and not medicinal support as late nights are difficult for the newly home patients. Don’t I know it! Besides waking up automatically at 12,2,4 for my vital signs only to realize that I am home, I completely understand why people who return home from the hospital don’t sleep.

Being home even though stairs are my next challenge, having my dad here with me along with the best boys ever, and all of you an email, text away, is best medicine ever. I’m currently in chemos land with many visits from the team of home healthcare. I must learn how to eat with having a colostomy with a visit from a dietician this morning. I’m learning salads will not be my friend which saddens me, but I’ll eat anything to be here and enjoy good days.

Biggest issue is no clothes that fit, so lucky my baby sister who takes me shopping via FaceTime is a huge help along with other excellent shopper friends. It is hard to be a midget and flubby without muscle tone. It just isn’t a category in old navy.

Best sunshine of my day yesterday was standing and cutting an apple for Alex for a snack when he complained that when he cuts it, it just isn’t the way I do it. Best sunshine coming home was seeing the booklet made by Kelli Clifford who compiled the best of my blog plus photos into this booklet that I can bring to chemo or mail to people around the world. Best sunshine this morning, Alex having a bad hair day and asking me if I can help even though I’m not a hair stylist which I explained I styled many a Barbie hair. We won’t share with him that I cut all their hairs off eventually! Best sunshine moment yesterday was real Starbucks coffee and a croissant.

So, my days are filled with pills and home health visits and naps. My goal is to get upstairs AND exit my house just to walk maybe to Tiff’s?

Thanks for all your prayers and continued support. As always contact Tiff for any questions since I’m not answering my phone much or looking at much online….soon, but not yet.

My message of the day…be kind to others, stop and take a breath, live in the NOW, find your sunshine which can be the simplest of things, say thanks, and know there is always someone who may have challenges which you may not be able to see…just please don’t get caught up in the small stuff. No one is going to care if your house is spotless or if the piles on the counter are growing…it all gets done eventually. I’m looking out the window seeing a lot of sunshine and listening to French radio trying to remember the words which were part of years of Club Med days…great memories. Find your sunshine! I have found mine just being home!



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