Mother’s week

In celebration of mothers everywhere, I have to look back at the mundane tasks which many a moms complain. Even though last week started slow since my counts were not that great, I ended the week on a high note. I had the privilege of taking Alex to his piano lesson. His piano teacher invited me into the lesson. Alex announced he would play this piece for me which I cannot recall the name. The beautiful music played by my beautiful son brought me to tears. I have either been sleeping through his playing at home or never heard this piece played in its entirety. He played this all by memory which always impresses me especially since I have zero musical talent. His focus and the way his hands moved so fast across the keys made me smile and filled my heart with so much pride and joy. I have missed these moments for months.

Next came a trip to Target where I encountered the dearest positive sunshine friend who could really appreciate the joy of this small adventure. Her smile and words always give me such great energy. I am lucky to have a lot of sunshine friends, but I consider her queen of sunshine since the day I first met her when Alex was in 1st grade! Moments with a great friend is something to cherish and I know this better than most. Even though I am not the best shopper these days, I am thrilled to know that Target can still provide diversions from the cancer job. My message is simple. As you chauffeur your kids from activity to activity, take a moment to peak on their progress and take joy in these amazing people you have brought into this world. When you have your list in hand from store to store, stop and take 5 minutes for a friend. He/she could be the best part of your day. When you don’t encounter a friend at the market, take a second to ask the cashier how his day is or smile at the person behind you in line. Stop checking your phone unless your child’s school is calling. Your phone can wait. Life is happening around you and you are super mom. You do things every day and multiple tasks at a time. Besides taking time for yourself, make time for others.
My next adventure came on Saturday with a trip to San Diego. I laugh when I think back on how much we did. First, we went for a seafood lunch at the harbor area. Then, we went to the maritime museum which included an hour boat ride on the harbor and tours of 2 submarines, 2 tall ships, and two steam boat. The submarines were an adventure in climbing in small spaces. Then, we went to Balboa Park for an Imax movie since it was still hot. We walked around a little and heard some type of marching band competition which was fun. We had the not so brilliant idea to go to Old Town (not smart on Cinco de Mayo weekend) and ended up going to La Jolla. La Jolla was an adventure in finding a burger place which does not serve fries fried in peanut oil, so we could avoid a trip to the hospital. Lucky for Alex, he reads small print. We had our burger and walked to see the sunset. A perfect day and the most fun since our cruise was had by all. Glad we decided to avoid knife playing and sword fighting since I did not know my platelets were so low. Yes, my hemoglobin was low too, but I thank my wonderful body which adjusts perfectly in the ocean air. Who said you need a lot of red blood cells to walk around all day?
On a boring note, the cancer job continues. I had a bit of a fiasco at chemo today when the local doc didn’t put the pieces together and cancelled my chemo because of low platelets. This doc doesn’t fully understand the drugs what they do and the drugs I am getting do not eat the platelets. The last two drugs which I had on the 23rd did, so I had to call my UCLA doc. He called me back and he called the local doc and show began. Of course, I was not in the mood. I was not in the mood for the whining guy in the next room and FYI the curtain that separates us did nothing. Then, the other patient called “you know what you should do” entered to sit next to me.  Now, contrary to the decisions that I make on what I choose to do, the options which she presented of drinking kale juice and a diet of just beans were not of high priority as my choice for cancer treatment. She continued to “you know what you should do” until I fired back with the 4 years of me being nominated as chemo poster patient of the month. I put on my headphones as I heard her last comment that I shouldn’t eat any fruit. I pulled out my organic apple and chomped away. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for information, but unless I asked for the magic wand of cancer cures, I doubt it is high quantities of beans and kale. Plus, with my bad stomach, I would rather not kill my boys with gaseous fumes from such a combo each day. Granted, if some major institution came out with a study of thousands of women eating this and getting cured, I guess my boys would need to get some gas masks.
Lastly, I would like to again thank all the wonderful nurses who really care and go out of their way to listen to me and understand me. Today, I was hoping that besides my words conveying my frustration and my facial expressions telling this story that mind reading would work. There are some magical nurses who have the mind reading down where I can say little and in the words of a couple of amazing nurses, “I can see it in your eyes. Your words are saying one thing and your eyes say another.” Oh well, no mind reading today this nurse chose to just check the box where my hemoglobin can be blamed for my lack of energy. Back to my headphones, I chose to look forward to my nap.
With blood counts and tumor marker not cooperating, I choose to remind myself how lucky I am. I am so lucky to have a great family and friends who continue to provide me with unconditional cheerleader support. Although I do whine occasionally and do not understand the tween/teen brain, I do stop and appreciate the moments. My rules are the same. Find the sunshine in every day, you can find it even if it ends up being that cup of coffee you had for breakfast. Stay in the moment as today is what we have. Try to laugh as much as you can because it is way better than crying. There are times when you need to cry, but do it and move on. The pity pot is not a place to stay. Look around you, there are so many who are less fortunate than yourself. Remember all those who are no longer here to make you laugh, make you smile, hold your hand, and think good thoughts of the memories you made with them. Again, back to the sunshine…there continues to be much unknown, so I focus on all I know which is the love that surrounds me and keeps me motivated for today and tomorrow. I asked Alex for a special Mother’s week. I had my first concert tonight of his “greatest hits”. Hoping you find your sunshine today. Celebrate yourself, your mom, your mom’s mom, your sisters who are moms, your friends who are moms, and appreciate these wonderful women in your life.
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some ole photos of my sister and me,  mom, great grandmas, and grandma!

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