No immune system! WBC dwindling BUT tumor marker GOING down!

I am entering week 3 of isolation, mask wearing, and hibernation. This has never happened to me. The chemo on the 12th was more than difficult. The chemo ate my blood cells and some cancer too! Finally a beginning of a downward trend with my tumor marker. I think my body found the entire allergic reaction and druggy experience unacceptable. I haven’t felt right since then, but found out last Monday that my counts were horrible or non-existent. I was told by my nurses and doc to look for signs of infection. No fever, but be on the look-out for violent shakes and chills. Without any white cells to fight infection, a fever would be unlikely. There was talk of real isolation in the hospital. Luckily I had some private coaching and assured my doc that I would not eat raw fruits and veggies, wear a mask, stay home, and avoid my husband and Alex. Luckily I still have my hearing! I can still hear conversations between my boys, laughter, and even a Skype call where Alex turned his face into a cat with much laughter on both sides. We are all in isolation with Alex going to school and coming home as a potential carrier. He understands the danger. We speak behind doors and use technology of texts and emails. I continue to take shots to boost my counts, but after 8 shots, my count only moved from .03 to .04. You would have thought my counts were normal as the nurses cheered at Hoag that my counts did not fall to zero. After another conversation with my doc, he told me that I can expect to skip chemo next week. We want my counts to be normal because more chemo means more disappearance of my immune system. The unfortunate thing is that my body is in slow motion and fog. It just isn’t working right yet. No reading, no cleaning, no speedy tax prep, just sloth like behavior watching movies or tv and much rest is my routine. So, here I remain in hibernation/isolation. Tomorrow, we will check to see if things are turning around. If I am unable to get chemo, I just have to focus on healing my body. I wish I could say more, but I am out of balance without my immune system. More sleep and dreaming of sunshine in the days to come.


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