Tomorrow I go to UCLA to start a new-ish chemo combo. The drugs are navelbine and epirubicin (I had doxil which is very similar to epirubicin). In the past weeks, we have spent numerous hours and hours sending emails and talking to many doctors. It has been very emotional with a lot of “no” responses and not a plan B outlined yet. We are looking for phase 1 trials which are very risky and this is a tough place to be. There are many phase 1 that I don’t qualify for due to prior treatment or no fresh tissue sample. We are primarily focused on PDL1/CTLA4 trial combination which is immunotherapy. Some may be available in January. There is also a trial that my tissue is being tested for which is in Bethesda. So, you see we are now open to going anywhere as long as it is something that is worthwhile. We are continuing to learn with each and every conversation. We do feel very lucky to have such a wonderful team of doctors and nurses who are trying to think of something to try that may work for a bit longer.  We appreciate all your support both near and far. We know as frustrating as it is for us, it is the same for you. We wish there were more answers. We remain hopeful and positive. I am doing everything I can to stay strong despite additional symptoms brought on by the cancer.




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