Livin’ in the potty!

I know you have been wondering where I have been? I haven’t left the bathroom since last Saturday, but it really started Sunday night. My new drugs have delightful latent diarrhea. I am talking non stop never leaving the bathroom diarrhea. I have had no real food since Sunday. I have now finally worked up to broth and oatmeal. We have had to postpone my chemo until tomorrow, Friday. It has been a rough week. My last call on Tuesday night put all of us in shock when my doc explained that if the diarrhea did not stop, I would need to go to the hospital and be put on antibiotics to avoid sepsis. It was serious. I knew it was, but I couldn’t face that tipping point. So, I kept taking immodium (since Sunday non stop) and even doubled up on the dosage. For the first time, I felt worse instead of better before getting chemo. I knew I couldn’t get chemo on Weds. I am in a weakened state which is not a comfortable feeling to start this all over again tomorrow and again on the following Weds.  Of course, I had to deal with the sell out crowd at the chemo closet which luckily my doc intervened or I would have had to arrive at UCLA at 7:30am. Oh that would have been great! Glad they are making it as easy as possible. I have not enjoyed living in the potty. It has been frustrating for everyone. Tomorrow is a new day and I must gather all my strength to continue this ride and face the toxins once again. So far, it has kept the tumor marker stable. I am thinking it will do it’s magic soon. Hoping to get some relief and comfort in the days ahead especially avoiding living in the potty.


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