20 ways to living with cancer

I decided  decided to post my strategy and lessons learned from my ongoing treatment (chemo non stop) from 2010 to now.

1. Be your own advocate: BYOA
2 mistakes happen so try to avoid them!
3. Take control of your treatment: TCT!
4. Average dosage based on 200lb man, your dosage may be different
5. Sometimes there are no answers
6. Living with the unknown, it is what it is…
7 It’s okay to visit the island of negativity, but make sure it is a short flight
8. There is always someone sicker than you, dying today, yelling for your doctors attention, so choose to be demanding at the right time
9. Nurses are the best source of info
10. Ask questions, don’t be afraid
11. Ask for help, to friends, neighbors, co workers,
12. For you to succeed, you can’t do this alone, this journey requires you to get help, ASK, ASK, and ASK
13. Take notes and have someone else present at every doc meeting, each person hears different things.
14. Eat and drink , whatever, whenever, your body needs fluids and nutrition to fight the cancer
15. Seek out 2nd , 3rd , 4th opinion, you can learn something from every doc. Never stop asking
16. use your time wisely and save your energy for what is important to you.
17. Think outside the box, have an oncologist who thinks the same way or find a new one.
18. Find your style, dress for a successful chemo! Mind over matter.
19. NEGU: Never Ever Give Up
20. Hope is a 4 letter word, so never lose hope


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One Response to “20 ways to living with cancer”

  1. deb Says:

    you are so darn spot on!!! You are definitely a phenomenal warrior woman and I just adore you to bits! NEGU indeed my beautiful friend. Always sending you loads of love from a beautifully positive energy Cape Town! Love you xxx

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