Coming Soon: Survival Guide to Chemo! Today: being grateful!

My Survival Guide to Chemo is almost done, but if you need it for friends, family, or whoever…just email me and I can send you what I have so far. These are my tips, tricks, and what I have learned from having 14 chemo treatments from 2010 to now! This includes hair loss, nausea, constipation, accessorizing for chemo land, camp chemo, and more! I am definitely not a doctor and even though I studied a lot of medical stuff and anatomy, each person is different. My hope is that the guide will create short cuts instead of doing what I did and learned my lesson after the fact!


What is all this happiness and gratitude business all about? by Lynn Johnson PhD

• Studies have shown that positive emotions are one of the most powerful emotions.
• Gratitude can really change your attitude and your outlook on life.
• Grateful people feel more alert, alive, and interested in others.
• One reason that gratitude works so well is that it connects us to others.

Studies have shown that the gratitude diary is one of the most powerful tools at raising levels of happiness.

Write 3-5 things that you are grateful for everyday.
Things that you did as well as things that happened to you.

Reframe an event. Look for something that is actually positive about a negative event.

from me: find your one fun thing today in the words of my great friend!!

Make the most of your day!!! Enjoy every moment!




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