I think the craziness all began at the end of January and never stopped along with the crazy cancer. This week proved to be more of the same along with a few curve balls just to ensure that we didn’t sleep too much. On Monday, I went to the Hoag Cancer center for my usual blood test to discover that the platelet transfusion did not do that much magic and my tumor marker had reached record levels beyond 2010 days gone by…This did not make sense since I thought I was feeling better especially since I resolved my constipation gone wild from the new chemo. I sent emails and made calls. I tried to analyze the numbers and it just didn’t make sense. I could even wear my bra past noon. This changed since last week the cancer around my diaphragm made wearing a bra almost impossible. Braless with bloating is not a pretty picture! Plus, Alex kept asking when the “cancer baby” was going away. We had no new answers for our patiently waiting boy who decided to tell us he was suspended from school as an April fool’s joke. Very funny Alex! Then, I went to UCLA for the next chemo on Wednesday. Luckily, armed with treats I was escorted into the infusion room fast even though they told me it would be a long long time since they were short nurses today. One of my favorites welcomed me and when we sat down, she just held my hand and looked into my eyes without words, but just an enormous amount of kindness and support. We ran the usual blood tests and again the platelets along with the rest of the blood is hanging on by a thread. My doc bounced into seeing me with a new fellow at his side. This one was too smiley, so I just ignored him. I felt him nodding his head up and down when I described how I was feeling. It was determined that after some negotiation that we would be able to go to Honolulu, but I would have to have chemo there plus a platelet transfusion before leaving. I asked many times since this drug is not the magic potion of “bye bye cancer” if I would all of a sudden have a crisis in Honolulu. My doc felt that this would not be the case especially since I would get the chemo in Honolulu. I cannot tell you how happy I was to hear that I could go on this trip. We have never needed a vacation more. The non stop cancer job has been overwhelming to say the least with visits to USC, Cedars, UCLA for clinical trials and chemo and blood tests and transfusions-OH MY! Of course, we decided to tell Alex with a little April fool’s joke and told him we were going to Ohio for vacation. He did not find it funny. We have since moved to the planning and packing phase with help from mom on the hotel app and more tips. In the meantime, the reality is that the cancer is not getting worse although it is not going away fast. I can only focus on what I know now. I am not feeling worse and am coping with the new side effects. I cannot think about tomorrow especially when it comes to this cancer job. I can think about the tropical breezes, warm sun (which I will be fully covered since chemo causes sunburn), and enjoying my family WITHOUT the cancer job. Chemo in Paradise! What could be better?  Thanks for all the prayers and positivity, hugs both live and virtual, love both close and far away…thanks to all my doctors who have continued to put me first when I needed it the most, thanks to all my nurses who support me in so many more ways that I can describe. I am so happy to be going to Honolulu! Enjoy your sunshine! Enjoy your family, friends, and every moment!


4 Responses to “ALOHA!”

  1. margie Says:

    So happy to hear that you’ll be going on your trip!! It will give you a much needed lift. Have a wonderful time! Love, Margie

  2. Linda Kirsch Says:

    Have a wonderful time on your trip and enjoy being with your family in beautiful Hawaii.

  3. Ruthie Says:

    Aloha – enjoy the sunshine, warm breezes and drinks with little umbrellas with your boys. Love and hugs to you!

  4. Pendar Says:

    Sooooooo happy you are in Hawaii this week with your boys. Enjoy!!! XOXO

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