Flying on a plane as a cancer patient

Flying for a cancer patient is like someone who has extreme phobias. Each sneeze, cough, choke, clearing of throat causes a state of stress. The crowd effect has a similar pre chemo nausea effect. You enter the airport and feel like you will throw up or have a panic attack. I have not had panic attacks but have had variations on a theme of extreme anxiety caused by bad news, allergic reaction to drug, pet scan glow in the dark toxic injections and other blood letting. This feeling happens in these type of crowds especially when I feel as if I am wearing a magnetic sign for germs, “germs I have no immune system so jump aboard”. Entering a plane proves to be a similar experience which can be prevented by pre boarding. Once I sit in my teeny seat, I feel somewhat safe. Unfortunately no mask or scarf can protect me as I look at the potential danger areas: seatbelt, seat pocket, and why is there a giant man coughing and sneezing over my head. Great, I see droplets of something on my setback tv screen. I can only spray it with the stuff I bought from whole foods. Another passing of the time activity.

Now I thought my nose was running which proves to be my basic challenge of having a bloody nose on and off for the course of a couple of hours. I was supposed to be reading my People magazine. Oh well, I made it and now to the next challenge.


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