Blood work no bueno

This real sick thing is getting to be a bit frustrating for all of us. I was supposed to get the vaccine if my blood work was okay, but now realizing with some help from my Hoag buddies that the chemo trio is really eating all my good blood. I am feeling a bit better every day, but who knew that real illness could be so inconvenient.  I am wiped out during the week I was supposed to be getting stronger. I am thinking that with this flu season being so bad (according to all docs) that I must have my chemo dosage reduced in order for me to get through all the cycles. Alex is a walking germ magnet. With Alex’s lovely description of a band member with “boogers” blowing his trumpet, I am thinking in Middle School students go to school no matter what is ailing them. (unless really bad stomach virus)

So, now I have to most likely have blood taken next week before chemo (really don’t want to think that in a week I will have chemo again). This way if I need another transfusion, I can get it and be “fake” strong enough for my chemo.

All is too annoying for words and don’t get me going on my $40K claim for one time chemo! I am thankful that our insurance covers this, but $20K for each drug seems a bit ridiculous for  life saving drugs. Got to wonder what is in it?! I am not wondering too hard as long as it works.

So, back to the resting phase I go….


One Response to “Blood work no bueno”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Joanie, I’m sending you positive thoughts always for your healing & I those chemo prices are outrageous! Hugs Lisa

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