In the words of Pink-“Just when I think it can’t get worse, I had a sh-t day (no!) You had a sh-t day (no!), we’ve had a sh-t day (no!)”

First there was the chemo fog, then came the blood transfusion, and now the infection. Oh, plus the cancellation of my vaccine at Scripps because my blood counts were too low. Then, came the breathing issues and threats to go to the hospital. Almost went to the hospital, but a quick save from my great internist calling in some last minute drugs to avoid the visit to the hospital. Yes, I have never been this non cancer sick in FOREVER! Drugs starting to kick in, but back to the bed once again. So much for my weeks free! I am annoyed with the situation as my docs tell me that my body has weakened from the ongoing chemo. I have learned that it is a fine line balance between the toxicity of the drugs and killing a patient. I keep joking that my insides are that of a 90 year old. I am tired, but thankful. My rock star husband and Alex keep me smiling  and calm even when I only had air to squeak out few words.  Alex’s stories from school keep me entertained, shocked, and curious to hear more, but wondering how that “machine” of middle school works. I love hearing about those teachers who still make learning fun and teachers who still use handouts from 1950. Especially shocking are the locker room stories which I must have blocked out from my own middle school days.

So, all my great plans of going for walks with friends or hanging with friends were postponed to another week. There is always tomorrow, and again I am reminded how important today is. I am thankful that I am breathing easier and healing even if it is slow. Baby steps…


2 Responses to “In the words of Pink-“Just when I think it can’t get worse, I had a sh-t day (no!) You had a sh-t day (no!), we’ve had a sh-t day (no!)””

  1. Diane Says:

    I will come visit you! Tell me when you have a good day and/or time and I will be there…we can relive our painful middle school days together! Love you!

  2. Ali Brush Says:

    Ugh – hope you’re feeling better pronto! I would NEVER want to relive middle school again. It probably didn’t help that I voluntarily had a PERM, as you may remember 🙂

    love you Joanie – Ali

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