“My angel is a centerfold” J Geils Band

Don’t know why that song came to me…maybe because one of my dear friends was making me laugh about my not so great news of my tumor marker going higher. She asked me if I was ready to be on the cover of “Chemo Quarterly”. I responded with that I am now going to be centerfold.

Here is what I am having my team communications leader, Tiff send in email

It seems that my tumor marker is back on the rise. I am thankful to have such a wonderful team of doctors. I went to UCLA today and discussed that I will go get a PET Scan this week or early next week. My one doctor who is out of the country even responded with his positive spin that it may be only microscopic cancer. Three cheers for microscopic! Who knew that I would get excited about that!


Meanwhile,  I did all sorts of other tests today for UCLA and some for Scripps. I am scheduled for my vaccine on Weds (the one that I was in a trial back in Sept made from my own cells) at Scripps.

I am in the crossover trial study (one of the lucky ones) to get my vaccines while I take chemo.  Unfortunately, this chemo is not doing the trick alone. The doctors are thinking it is a partial response to the chemo, but are hoping that the vaccine may push it in the downward direction. If not, I will start a drug that is for pancreatic and renal cancer. This chemo drug is a pill form, but the thought is that I would stay on my same chemo called Doxil. If my tumor marker continues to rise much higher, then I will switch chemo to a combination of the renal cancer drug and another drug which is not so special and would make me very sick, lose my hair, etc….

So, we have a plan in place, but again one day at a time. First, the vaccine on Weds. Second,  the PET scan to make sure that there are no tumors hiding in my body. Third, possibly add the renal cancer drug. Fourth change my chemo from Doxil to combination of the renal cancer and another drug.

If we weren’t going on our cruise July 17th, things would be a little bit easier as far as planning, but this is in an effort to buy time. I may have to do what I have to do.

My family is here visiting, so besides all of you wonderful friends and far away family, I have a great group of cheerleaders! Plus, I have Alex “graduating” from elementary school on Thurs. Yes, we are still “in school”.

After briefly screaming inside, I know that I have a plan. As usual, I appreciate your emails, hugs, cards, laughter, and prayers.


Thanks for riding this ride with me.



3 Responses to ““My angel is a centerfold” J Geils Band”

  1. margie Says:

    I’m sending you a big hug cousin! Love you!

  2. Diane Says:

    You will be the best centerfold ever! Make sure I get at least two copies…and that they are autographed:) xoxo

  3. Ali Brush Says:

    love you joanie! glad you are spending time with the whole levine clan! wish we were there, too! xoxo

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