Where you gonna go? I am gonna go to Chemoland!

Strangely enough, my tumor marker decided to really mess with us by going down just a teeny bit. I am thrilled as I will continue my freezing of my feet. I will try to use my vaccines at Scripps to see if they will push this chemo to work better, faster, harder and kill those cancer cells. I will still do the chemo at UCLA and they will increase the dosage because how could my feet get any worse?All my focus is to stay on this chemo until the trip to Europe. It is worth a try to take the vaccine since all the rest of my options are way too unknown and not without risk.  I did say to Jim that I am not feeling great, but I am also not feeling horrible. (somewhere in between) I tend to ignore most of my ailments as it doesn’t help me to focus on that “junk”. I will definitely enjoy this weekend with a trip to Angel stadium for a game, trip to the Pacific Symphony with Alex’s music group, and I am sure some other fun things which include a cocktail or two because it feels like summer. Enjoy the weekend. June is here, and all I see is sunshine and no June gloom.


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