“Mom, you know what? I bet you wouldn’t be alive if you didn’t have such a great attitude!” my son Alex!

I am proud to say that I have made the most of every minute during my countdown to chemo. I have spent time with friends and enjoyed every second. I celebrated my speedy Passover and Passover with friends for more fun. I am sorry to say that I had to passover the Passover and bulk up with real food for my weigh in for chemo. Success! I gained 4 pounds! We went to Catalina with friends to celebrate and had a blast. This was followed by a swim day at another friends and then, down to Carlsbad flower fields, Torrey Pines (hike/walk), dinner at George’s in La Jolla (IN ONE DAY!). I felt almost normal, but who would do what we did in one day. I always said I am one to fill the day to the brim, but this was overflow. Alex even said he didn’t think he could walk one more step!

I was not too happy to go to UCLA until these lovely treats arrived which would make anyone smile. I was convinced treats in hand, my bracelet with my message to remind me what is important, also the necklace with an owl on front and smarty pants written on the back, were all the tools I needed. I never had such a greeting. They really missed me and the patients too. I even handed out treats to the maintenance workers and people who take the dirty linens.  I just needed some musicians trailing behind me.  So, while I did my weigh in with applause for my weight gain, I noticed the ideal chair open. The chair with double windows (facing the hospital, but you can see trees) was open. I almost ran to the chair. All the nurses just perked up and “ooh and aah” over the mini baskets with jelly beans.  I was also armed with all my charts and numbers for the doctor. I did get in a little trouble with ignoring my mouth sores. Now, I have a whole protocol for that issue.

The infusion happened with not too many issues and I went home to sleep it off. Today, I was all pumped up with steroids and acting like that dog in “Up”…couldn’t remember what I was doing the last second, so Jim kept saying, “squirrel”. I attempted to find out what my latest tumor marker was from yesterday. I finally decided on going to the top and in 3 minutes got an email back with a number that was over 100 points lower! I am thrilled to know this chemo is working. A downward trend looks good on my chart and even better in my mind. This was taken before I had this chemo, so who knows what the number will be next. Best of all, I will get to be an almost normal person by going once every 4 weeks. I will take the long lasting effects even better, now that I know it is working! Happy day and back to my chemoland!


5 Responses to ““Mom, you know what? I bet you wouldn’t be alive if you didn’t have such a great attitude!” my son Alex!”

  1. Pendar Says:

    So happy to hear about the latest tumor marker being down…this is fantastic news! Prayers are working!!! Sending you a big hug!

  2. Ruthie Says:

    sending smiles and hugs! your son is soooo smart 🙂

  3. terry fierle Says:

    Fantastico….yay. I guess our prayers r helping. Love u joanie.

  4. Joanie Says:

    Alberto, hope all is great in Italy! I starting my reading about Venice! Only months away now!

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