Gotta love the sunshine! Freedom!

We had the best day yesterday! The drive down to San Diego was beautiful even though I was trying to get the images of Scripps out of my mind! We started with lunch at the Prado in Balboa Park for our favorite flatbreads with yummy spread of who knows what. Jim said it was spicy, but I could not taste the spice. Then, we were off to get our tickets to the Black Hole Imax. I got to say that Rock the Dome looked more my speed, but I was out voted. After seeing the film narrated by Liam Neeson, I have to say that I learned something new! Plus, we did get to see the preview of Rock the Dome. Again, if you listened to Pink Floyd or old fashioned classic rock, this looks like a fun show. Alex did not know the songs, but said we have to see the show next time. Then, we went to the Titanic exhibit at the Natural History museum. This was definitely overpriced, but interesting to see all those artifacts. Alex has loved the Titanic since 2nd grade and has read so many books that he liked it (but said it was a rip off and should have been longer). At the start of the tour, they give you a boarding card with your name. I told the guy that he better picked me a winner. Just not in the mood to die on the Titanic today. Thank goodness I was a first class passenger traveling with my daughter. Jim was from Akron, Ohio which we thought was strange since I lived in Canton just around the corner from Akron. After that exhibit, we saw the skulls exhibit which was more interesting than I thought it would be. Then, we were off to La Jolla. Unfortunately, I forgot to make dinner reservations, so we were out of luck for our favorite restaurant. The handy dandy handicap placard came in handy for parking in La Jolla. We saw the seals and seal lions. La Jolla is so beautiful. Then, we did the Yelp trick with the monocle walking down the street trying to find a place to eat. We found Whisknladdle which I have to say is now my new favorite. Not only for the salted caramel chocolate tart and homemade churned ice creams, but loved my entree. Alex ate an entire beet, goat cheese salad. Then, we were back home in a flash. I had some not so special moments being out of breath when my voice became hoarse. As soon as I sat down, it disappeared. I just had to have my weekend of freedom! Of course, there were other stomach calamities, but hey it was worth every bite!

Tomorrow is tomorrow. I am trying not to think too much about UCLA. I will be going building to building having my tests done and hoping that a shot will be enough. I do not want a blood transfusion at UCLA. We’ll see what the plan is and go from there. Until then, I will have some days of freedom! Hoping to get to the Pac 12…but who knows! I feel terrible that I will miss Alex’s Walk thru the Revolution, but have my friends taking photos and videos. I know he will feel the love! Hmmm, just wondering where the handicap parking is at UCLA…


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