CANCER SUCKS…BUT hey I got a handicap placard!

What a exhausting day! I was so high on life with my new found freedom which I had for about 4 hours that I almost felt a tiny bit “normal”. We were treated like VIPs at the hospital and were escorted around (just needed a cocktail and some music playing to complete my relaxing scene). They pulled the lab technician from the hospital to do my blood draw and held the driver so it could be processed fast. It sure was fast. Unfortunately, my regular blood numbers were not so pretty. I was given a choice of trying a shot and then if it doesn’t work then transfusion. I picked door number 1, but unfortunately due to insurance logistics who knows if I will get the shot. Most likely, I will get a transfusion before I get the damn shot!

So, this current chemo may be working but not working that great…who knows. We need a new plan and we will meet with the doctors at UCLA Monday for the next plan. On a positive note, we WILL have a free weekend of no chemo side effects…the first in 8 weeks. One day at a time!


2 Responses to “CANCER SUCKS…BUT hey I got a handicap placard!”

  1. terry fierle Says:

    Hang in there. And u r right…we all need to enjoy one hour at a time.

  2. Pendar Says:

    Will be sending out special prayers for you on Monday as you meet with your team of Doctors at UCLA.

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