Sun, sun, here it comes….

Day 2 of my freedom: things are working out much better than day 1! Day 1 was a field trip to Walgreens that felt like I ran a marathon from the entrance of the store to the “mile” long walk to the pharmacy. This was followed by a trip to Trader Joe’s for a couple of items. Luckily, I looked like I was visiting from another planet or was in a constant state of confusion as if I never went to Trader Joe’s. My field trip was met by the lovely “guides” at Trader Joe’s who escorted me through the store while I looked at my Evernote  shopping list repeating to them the 4 items I needed.  Success! Something new started developing with my first day of freedom-an appetite! So, since I had been awake since 4am, I was ready for lunch at 10am. Unfortunately, since my handicap application was returned for my big money of $6 which I forgot to send, I decided to make the adventure to school early based on my marathon to the pharmacy at Walgreens. Who knew how much that temporary handicap card was needed?! Of course, with a little help from my friends, Alex managed to get to his after school activities while I was back to bed for a nap after my big field trip. Day 1 was also spent organizing my next adventure for my blood work tomorrow.

So, besides my new appetite, I still am chemo-i-fied! It will wear off soon (I am hoping)! One really exciting news is due to my husband the rock star as fake doctor read about a new protocol which adds a normal drug used for diabetics for cancer patients. After some reaching out towards our team of doctors, it seems to be something to try and with no (or should I say no toxic ) side effects. So, that is something to look forward to…more drugs! Honestly, if you would have asked me at day 4 of the chemo pill process, could I do this again…I may have told you absolutely, “no”. Every day I woke up, I kept saying, “thank you out loud and only 3 more days or only 2 more days…” It definitely was a different type of experience. I was so drugged that I am certainly glad that I kept away from the online shopping experience.  I still wonder how my friend does these pills and IV chemo! You got to do what you got to do.

My Day 2 was a bit more eventful with a visit to the physical therapist since I still have the damn neck injury. I was happy to know that my joints are finally healing…now to the muscles. So, since I was hungry and decided to eat lunch, I missed my window for getting a parking space. Instead, I watched all the not so handicap people walk from their cars, others parked in staff spots, and others just park their car in the middle of the parking lot for fun. I kept saying to everyone who knew me, “just wait until I get my handicap card for my car, I will be doing a dance from my car door to the school entrance!”. I walked a bit without too much issue and even tried to pick up the pace to see if I would be out of breath ( a sign that my red count is low, low, low), but it didn’t seem so bad. All will be revealed tomorrow when I get my blood test. To pill or to IV, that is the question or should I say, to “shot” or to transfuse that is the other question. Jim will be escorting me even though I was told that I will get a personal escort. Not sure if they meant security?

There is something to be said about the 1st weekend since Jan that I will not have chemo! There is also something to be said about fresh air, blue skies, and sunshine! I am sure happy to be enjoying my freedom. I hope you are too…don’t take it for granted.


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