“I visualize winning and always stay positive.” Eli Manning, MVP Giants quarterback when asked how does he keep his focus.

Since Alex is now my father and the expert on all sports, I will refrain from any football analogies, but I know Eli is right. This week like others went by too fast. I had a challenging week with a few meltdowns on the way. It was my visit to my new internist who jolted me back into reality which I tend to put in the back of my mind. She was just doing her job and is correct in guiding me to make all decisions now. The reality of my cancer, the history of my cancer, and the reminder that I need to change my advanced directive was too much to bear. As usual, I got up yesterday, looked at the sunrise, took a deep breath and a new day began. I had my dose of 5th grade student discussions which always makes me smile. The school is selling friendship grams which brings the 5th graders to the who likes who or the insecurities about self. My discussions were reminiscent of when I was in MIDDLE SCHOOL, but I listened and tried to understand (couldn’t help but to laugh). As a few boys told me, “Mrs. Triestman, you know who we like, right?” (girl ) I responded that I didn’t know. They told me, “Duh, we stare at her all the time.” Oh, yes “love in the 5th grade”….This kept me smiling all day despite a few hiccups from some students with disappointing behavior. All in all, I am “armed” and ready for today. I have lists on post its that will be attached to my forehead and a box of Hershey kisses in a heart shape for my doctor just to make him blush and entertain me. I do visualize winning as there is no other option for me. Enjoy the sunshine today and give a hug to those you love!


2 Responses to ““I visualize winning and always stay positive.” Eli Manning, MVP Giants quarterback when asked how does he keep his focus.”

  1. margie Says:

    Sending you positive thoughts and love…enjoyed hearing about the 5th grade romance mill! XOXO


  2. Pendar Says:

    I am totally clueless about ANY 5th grade romance, can you clue me in??? Jordan does not share any information!!
    Enjoy the beautiful weather…blessings to you XOXO

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