“I feel that honesty always works.” Bobby Unser

First, I want to thank all the teachers who have stimulated Alex’s mind and inspired him to think “big” every day. His thoughts on subjects both big and small continue to amaze me. His motivations continue to impress me.  To those teachers who completely understand how Alex thinks the way he thinks, I wish I had millions of dollars to send you all on trips to Maui, pay you the salary you deserve with endless budget for things you need in the classroom, and put a magic spell on those parents who think they should not be a partner in their child’s education. Also, an additional spell should happen on those entitled E.V.s who raise their children with disrespect and a similar sense of entitlement without a view of what is happening beyond the Orange curtain.  I also want to say to the “90 year old” ( Alex’s comment) substitute, please stay at home. Ms 90 year old substitute, you let my son’s mind wonder in the wrong direction and fill with such worry that he chose to work on writing his essay during the day. My son who would rather type out the phone book than hand write anything decided to work on his essay on why UPS and FedEx should buy the USPS?! He also made calls to me while at chemo and asked to have help to get his worries away. Luckily, the support team at his school extends to  outside the classroom, Alex was back to his 10 year old self by lunch. (or so I thought)  When Alex comes home, he is usually filled with stories of playground adventures, how he tried to prove to his friends why statistically the Giants will win, how his decathlon questions were answered by friends, or the stories of the drama of the day. Alex has always been the reporter since preschool when he would report about which friend ate his lunch or not. Yesterday, he came home to give me a giant hug. When I asked him about his day, he asked me, “will you ever not have cancer?”  and ” will you have to have  chemo for the rest of your life?” . My heart sank. I paused, took a deep breath and answered with, “I don’t know.” I told him again that I will do whatever I have to do and if that means chemo forever I will do it. He asked me, “what if you don’t make it?”. I told him again how much I love him and how he and Jim are my everything. I reminded him how strong he is and how strong I am. Then, he gave me a hug and told me about his day.


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