The meaning of life is JOY! Have joy, live joy, enjoy every minute, even in the difficult times” – Melany McAdams 1961 – 2011

This quote came from a dearfriends and is my motto even if my week was not as I really wanted. Dance Thursday came too fast with Alex’s dance moves to “move like jaguar” and “I’m sexy and I know it” made our departure a bit easier. I have known from how I felt this week, that something had to up. I love all my friends who continued to say I looked good, but my pale face and skin kept me thinking this is not my color. Alex told me I looked green several times.  This week had flown by like all the rest. I tried like a crazy person to get my cancer job out of the way. I had to talk to insurance and my VIP nurse. Luckily, for all my support team of incredible friends who went to the store for me and not once but many times since my brain is still not as clear as I wAnted. The worse part was the neck pain which I did not need to add to my ailments. The physical therapy took a lot of time that I did not have to spare. They did provide exercises which I was to do 3 times a day. I did them as often as I could.  In my spare time, I worked on our cruise excursions for the summer which was a nice escape. Jim decided to surprise me with tickets booked to Maui in November. I told him I thought it was too much in one year and his response was that it wasn’t , so let’s go.  Plus, since my white count was not too dangerously low, I went to Alex’s computer lab. They were working on excel which is my favorite. There was something about hearing 32 young voices say, “mrs. Triestman, I need you” that provided me a day of sunshine and invisible hugs as if they were saying, “mrs Triestman, I love you.” I love cheering them on and love that my brain can remember excel at all!  My three days of freedom were almost manic since  my fill in the blank days that I had of foggy and unfocused. I had to make calls, look at emails, look at piles of my clothes, read Alex’s messages to me, pick up my over $1k of drugs since we hadnt met our deductible, plus try real damn hard to make a grocery list. Luckily for my old self, I had a binder when I started this journey of what stores I went to and what I usually bought. After the manic 3 days, came the reality to do it all again.

Yesterday, we decided to drive the rental car which we were convinced was less bumpy on the road than our 4runner. Unfortunately, this was not the case. We called it the jigglator, which we were convinced that we lost a good deal of flub which was jiggled in our seats for 2 hours to Los Angeles. When we got out of the caR, it was as if we were on a boat as Jim and i continued to feel the movement. We arrived with a giant bag of treats and greeted with smiles from everyone. They told me that I have the greatest support system they have ever seen since working there, plus so many great friends who are talented bakers. I agree!

Then, the moment of truth, my blood work was done. My IV hurt more than ever and now I definitely look like a drug addict. While waiting for my test, my cell phone rang with the school number. Alex was calling and was worried. Unfortunatley, he had a sub who was 99 years old he said and did not  know what to do, so Alex was writing his essay. My interpretation for my son who would rather type than write anything was that he had too much time on his hands to think. He wanted our school office manager, but she was missing. I joked that he could get a hug and kiss from his principal. He made his requests of my friend he knows and wanted to see and talk to asap. I started calling and sending texts. Our office manager saved the day with my extra spies who came later to report back to me. He was fine at lunch. The results came back that my white count isn’t too bad and my platelets are hovering just on the border where I don’t need a transfusion. My red count is not good which explains my lack of energy and paleness of my skin. I need to get a shit to boost my own body to produce my own red cells. If this doesn’t work, I will need a transfusion next time. I left my infusion feeling more nauseous than ever. I wished I could have slept in the jigglator, but it didn’t work.  I came home to pop more anti nausea drugs hoping it would go away. I finally fell asleep,  but not before I saw and hugged Alex with all my strength.

This morning, not feeling that great with the effects of the shot and the chemo. My doctor and nurse called that my tumor marker went down 20 points. It is moving slowly, but in the right direction! Today, more sleep and no jigglator. I will work on trying to eat something! I will find the JOY no matter what!





4 Responses to “The meaning of life is JOY! Have joy, live joy, enjoy every minute, even in the difficult times” – Melany McAdams 1961 – 2011”

  1. Joanie Says:

    Oops, Alberto…I was really thinking of “shit” this shot sucks, and then it appeared…my skimming missed it! Sorry, about that!!

  2. Ruthie Says:

    I love the quote! It has been my motto for many years – no matter how bad the day, week, etc. may seem look for the good. It was at that same time in my life that I realized there is no place in my life for the constant complainers and drainers who will always find the negative instead of the good. Sometimes the good is a big thing but sometimes it is as simple as the gracious person in the grocery line noticing you only have 3 items and they let you go ahead. Many hugs to you for the strong person you are!

  3. Joanie Says:

    Ruthie, you are so right! Those drainers are the E.V.s (emotional vampires)…hugs right back to you! xoxoxo

  4. Pendar Says:

    What was up with the sub from last week????!!!! Couldn’t we find SOMEONE younger and energetic for our class??? You are in my thoughts and prayers….I saw Alex this morning in line and he was so cute as he told his friends, “I told you Giants would win”.. (FYI, we wanted Giants to win also)…you and Jim have raised a wonderful boy! I am sending you extra prayers on Thursdays as you go to see your great team at UCLA! XOXO

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