“I feel like chemotherapy is all about forward momentum. You just have to keep taking the next step. Different obstacles will try to block your path but you just have to keep moving forward. If you fall off the beam, you GET BACK UP. Then you just keep going.” Shannon Miller, gold Olympic medalist

Who knows if I used this quote before? If I did, it is still true. I gave into the meds and slept Thursday, Friday, and Saturday off and on. Unfortunately, I guess I did a little online shopping on Thursday. On Saturday, a package arrived with some cute shirts unfortunately there were duplicates. Guess I was “click happy”! Hoping this was the only online shopping I did! I just double checked my email to look for anything else just in case! According to Jim and Alex, I said the same things over and over to them and repeated the things I had to do out loud, “brush my teeth, get a pill…” to myself! Lovely! I also talked to my mom at length about who knows what. We all decided that all car keys should be kept away from me until Sunday! I had written post its all over the place of different items that I wanted to remember. Then, Sunday morning a surge of information happened. It was as if a switch turned on! This makes me more crazy like an information overload.  As long as I know the chemo is working, I will go with the flow and “keep swimming” like Dory. I have to say that it was nice to wake up to homemade soup  and some of my favorite treats to eat, so thanks to all who helped us. You all know how difficult it is for me to ask for help and accept people doing things for me. Obviously, in this cloudy state, I needed help! I gave into the fact that my multi-task days are over for the time especially after chemo on Thursday. I do get excited when I accomplish baby steps during this time. So, today is much better than last Sunday. I listened to all of you “nurses” and some friends who are real doctors and took the pills, so my body could heal and rest. Thankfully, it was minimal pain and no nausea!  I plan to exit the house today and get some nice ocean air. Hey, I saw the video of the orcas off Dana Point, so maybe they will be around or I will enjoy the sound of the waves. I will also enjoy talking without the fog to Alex and Jim and remembering every minute! As Alex says, “Go Patriots and Go 49ers”!


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