“When shopping for doctors, remember that sickness is a big business, don’t get sucked in.” Kris Carr

I love the book, Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips. It is always fun to read especially when someone either says one of those dumb comments about knowing someone who just died from cancer after asking how you are doing. It is also fun after a e.v. (emotional vampire) encounter. I should feel bad for you because you couldn’t get your hair done or your cleaning lady did not show up? I am not feelin’ it.

This morning Jim and I were laughing about an initial doctor appointment we had in 4/2010 when seeking the best of the best surgeons. This doctor asked me if I wanted to see my son get married? This doctor was going to “save me”. We had another doctor visit recently and this doctor commented, “don’t you want to see your son graduate from college?”. Jim and I decided the best answer for this is, “nope, just high school would work for me.”….Come on, are you serious? Do people really fall for this? I know I did just a teeny bit. They had me in the palm of their hands. I was a bit teary eyed. It is definitely good to have a doctor with a big ego, but too big is not good. Too big of an ego and you as a patient get lost in the “saving” without a real story of having a real family and real emotions. I am lucky to have the best of the best. I only had one meltdown with my doctors in 20 months and it wasn’t really really directed at them. They are all there for me! None of this, just call the office attitude, they answer their cell phones and on weekends. They answer my emails Christmas Eve and other holidays too! They listen to me and answer all my questions. They hear my fears and know what motivates me. They never make stupid comments about “saving the day”. They are realistic with me and they let me know all the facts. Of course, I ignore a lot of what they tell me has worked for most or doesn’t work for most. I hear them when they tell me that good nutrition cannot cure my cancer, but certainly can support my body to get through the chemo. I also hear them when they remind me to listen to my body. I hear my body, but sometimes don’t like what it is telling me. This is when my friends remind me of what I should be doing like eating, sleeping, and resting. I cannot tell you again how much your hugs, emails, and words mean to me. They are like getting a free massage every day (only I cannot get a massage due to chemo)! I was so happy today to have an appetite. I cannot explain how difficult it is to force yourself to eat when you really don’t want to eat. Today, it was the first day since my December “crisis” started that I actually could eat and wanted to eat. Baby steps! This has got to be a good sign!


2 Responses to ““When shopping for doctors, remember that sickness is a big business, don’t get sucked in.” Kris Carr”

  1. Pendar Says:

    I am so happy that you are at UCLA with their excellent staff. Please continue to eat and rest. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

  2. Audrey Says:

    Joanie, have you in my thoughts and prayers, always. Audrey

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