“You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them.” ~Desmond Tutu

I cannot believe the 2 weeks are almost over. One day left! Our family packed so many fun activities into those weeks that it doesn’t seem possible. We always laugh at the ole joke of Americans seeing all of Europe in 10 days. This is my family while also planning the next meal while we haven’t finished a meal. There is nothing like having your family (sister, mom, dad, brother in law,nieces, nephew, aunts, uncles (great aunts and great uncles), cousins visiting you while you are facing an annoyance in your life called, cancer.  There were moments when I laughed so hard that I couldn’t catch my breath. Who knew that nerf guns could be used indoors for family “combat” while doing dishes or taking a break before dinner? Of course, we still have so many family jokes that keep us laughing until some of us (no names mentioned) would almost wet their pants!

On December 30th, the kids created a powerpoint presentation for the parents and grandparents to persuade us to let them have a “cool kids street fair” to support Pediatric Cancer. They did a fantastic job with music and a bit of dancing. We couldn’t say “no” to their wonderful presentation mentioning the “pros and cons” including words like “entrepreneur” and “merchandising”.  Their excitement was contagious as my niece organized the workers with all their “jobs”.  She made flyers to hand out at the park too! So, on December 31st, we went to our park with “games”, prizes (leftovers from Alex’s desk sale and drawers of stuff), and merchandise (leftover candy from the creation of the gingerbread train project, fudge, and anything else the kids wanted to pull from my garage). Our park always has a great number of kids and parents. They explained to the visitors what they were doing. Plus, a friend had her family visiting and they sold duct tape items at the front of the park. It was such a great moment of joy and pride to watch them do their magic! They took their jobs very seriously until about 2 hours when they decided to participate instead of work at the games. I must say that my 12 year old niece kept with the selling of merchandise until the 3rd hour was over and the crowds were few. You couldn’t help, but to laugh and smile. A gigantic thanks to all who attended and to some very generous friends, the kids raised 127.64 for PCRF. (Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation)

My family returned to Houston yesterday. We were all very sad and Alex is still missing his cousins very much. Of course, my plans continued with my team of doctors from UCLA and Scripps. One doctor responded, “Let’s go for it”.  Who knows what the “it” is, but I am going! It seems that with the vaccine trial, I would need to go to San Diego tomorrow and then Wednesday to Los Angeles for treatment. So much paper and testing has to be done. I don’t mind as I will do everything and anything, I have to do. My symptoms are increasing, but not too fast. I have a gentle nudge from my body telling me that I need to get going on this plan. I hear it and I hear the loving words of family and friends. I have to take things day by day.  Each email from a doctor changes a plan with every word. The unknown of the side effects lingers in my mind. I have such a drug sensitivity that I am armed with all the anti-everything drugs.  Jim warns me not to read the list of side effects of the chemo since it covers everything from hair on your teeth (not really) to itchy toes. So, I will stay off the internet for reading side effects, but I do plan. I plan to ask for more help. I will need help because every bit of my strength has to go to this fight.

Tomorrow, I may be doing a lot of waiting. If you play words with friends, my user name is joantri. I am happy to play a game!  Until then, I will go and watch the Rose Parade! Happy 2012-it has to be THE YEAR OF THE HEALTHY!


One Response to ““You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them.” ~Desmond Tutu”

  1. Ruthie Says:

    Yes – a HEALTHY 2012!!! I have a “simple” phone so I don’t play words with friends, but I am with you in spirit thinking all kinds of positive thoughts 🙂 Hugs and love, Ruthie

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