Glow little glow worm, glimmer

I should be glowing in the dark, but luckily it is bright and sunny. Wow, luckily I only went to Newport for my scan and lucky for me I had 2 for the price of one (nurse and technician) who actually questioned my order AND looked at what I had done last time. I helped things along by letting them know I wasn’t going anywhere until the order was confirmed and that I would do everything in one trip. I didn’t want to hear, “oops, we forgot to order this or they shouldn’t have done that scan or that ct”. I appreciated all the attention to ALL the details. I drank the magic “smoothie” which now has new and improved flavoring. Although I had to ask for a straw and I would have rather had it chilled. At that point, I wanted to get this over with and no need in being that high maintenance. I did mention that they should offer a punch card or some type of frequent scan program where you would get a hospital t-shirt, scrubs, water bottle, or your own personalized sludge monogram drink bottle. Lucky for me, we have all the doctor’s cell phone, so they confirmed everything via email and phone. Now, I just wait. I am supposed to drink and drink, flush this glowing action out and avoid hugging small children, pets, and people.


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