Lessons learned….

My “ride” to Scripps was a learning experience all around. As Jim, my mom, and I waiting for the sunrise over the Torrey Pines Golf Course and see the ocean view emerge, we began the adventure for the day. We were brought to the family room, but did not notice anything really family oriented except if you counted the view?! My one nurse was amazing who took my blood from my hand. As he attempted to take my blood while kneeling on the floor (as he said without a proposal), he was so quick that I barely felt anything. There was a very serious tone in the air because as funny as I attempted to make this process, there was nothing funny about it. The ICU nurse saved the day using an ultrasound machine to find a vein deep in my arm without having to draw a central line. She had the magic touch! I was horizontal for 6 hours with barely a view of anything except the CLOCK. The patient next to me was doing a stem cell procedure and besides watching some movie without headphones like Terminator 4, he was moaning and groaning. I had headphones on to get in the zone with the addition of some xanax which took the edge off.  An hour at a time passed, but then came the critical moment of having to go to the bathroom. Let’s just say, it is a full workout trying to urinate while you are flat. Also, let’s just say, they should tell you to bring change of clothing or are most people so drugged out that they do not realize what is happening? While I was “resting” (trying to avoid looking at the wires in/out of my body), I thought about my grandma who was wheelchair bound and had to rely on people to scratch her nose, wipe her mouth, feed her, etc….I always  knew she was amazing, but I had a new found appreciation for all she dealt with! She never complained and was so strong and determined. She always thought of others first and never lost her temper unlike my last hour of horizontal temporary immobility. Oh, I was  calling for my mom when Jim attempted to fix the headphones and fix my hair. I claimed Jim knocked my wig crooked, but I was just about to lose it not being able to move for so long. I also thought about this guy next to me doing such a wonderful thing for someone else.  There are some selfless people out there. All in all, I was told that I did great. I did have the fear put into me by my nurse who told me it would be hours longer if I moved even an inch. Now, I wait for 5 weeks to get my vaccine and hoping that these cells produced 10 vaccines, so I don’t have to repeat this procedure again. At least, I know exactly what to do next time if there is a next time. In the meantime, a new appreciation for many things, especially the many things I take for granted.


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