Am I a vampire?

I have just seen the daylight after spending 2 days in bed in a sleeping beauty state. Now, I am convinced that I cannot continue this chemo or my body has had enough of the one drug that I take just because….Before the chemo day, I had a lot of fun with lunch with my mom and Alex. We even had a short visit to the Sawdust Festival. I had an encounter with an artist who makes hand painted silk scarves. She wanted to give me a gift and the scarf was just perfect. It completed my cute outfit for chemo. She told me the warmth of the colors were full of life and energy. I will take the energy! Unfortunately, at the chemo matrix there was a patient who did exactly what you shouldn’t do at chemo. Of course, I was thinking of another book title, “The top 10 things you should not do or say at chemo.” Besides this patient being the number one whiner and complainer, she did not stop with the negative comments. Now, I may think of these comments, but I definitely do not say them. She violated every rule by complaining about the doctors, head nurse, nurses, and office staff. She would definitely be the last one to pick on a cancer patient team for dodge ball. I was on the verge of yelling, but mom just tried to talk a little louder to drown out her whining. It almost worked. Not such a special situation. Doctors decided to reduce my chemo and we may stop it after this time or next. Based on my recent sleeping issues with a lot of pain, I am thinking that it sounds like a good idea. In the meantime, I am trying to get into this trial which sounds like a vacation compared to the past few days. The good thing is that I have options and I can always take one of the chemo drugs that have been around for 30 years. Not sure what will come of this and it is all about timing. I am not sure what type of candidate I will be with my horrible blood numbers. So, I will stay tuned to see if I am going to have chemo on Thursday or not. In the meantime, I will avoid the vampireness of the situation and stay awake in the daylight and avoid all blood transfusions.


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