The P.O.Ps

I can say that the novelty of Hoag has definitely worn off. Visiting it on Saturday makes no difference than a visit on a Wednesday. While waiting for my nurse, I overheard the nurse I really liked saying she was moving to Colorado. Figures. So, besides my body having strange bruises all over, what was missing was the bloody nose for no reason. I was not in the mood to stay there all day. I decided in advance that if my numbers stayed the same or went up even by one number, I was out of there. You can now say that this cancer job is missing any type of perks. What ever happened to chemo swag? After my blood was taken by a nurse who felt that I needed to have a port, and I wasn’t in the mood to argue with her. I did try to point her in the right direction of the best vein to use, but she ignored my recommendations. I know she felt that I was just a patient and not a nurse, so what did I know. Well, I do know from the lovely “track” marks she left on my arm that I should be wearing long sleeves until this bruising goes away. I was watching the Newport chemo patients who are equally demanding, entitled, and acting like their situation should require not one violin, but at least a quartet. I guess as usual, my face told exactly what I was thinking. I thought no one had noticed until a distinguished looking gentleman came over and said one word, “P.O.Ps”. I asked him what was a POP and he explained, “people of privilege”.  Good to be “in the know” of the lingo. Never heard that one. My results came back with one tenth of a point higher. I was out of there even though the nurse had to sit beside me and explain all the risks of me leaving. I told her I would call my doctor at UCLA who responded that we could check things next week. He could sense my annoyance with this process and informed me that we would lower the dose next time for sure.

In the meantime, there is much fun to be had…research on vaccines, pills, and other trials which must start immediately after I finish this chemo, so the race is on.  I would rather take a walk on the beach with Jim, so that is what we will do tomorrow while Alex is at camp. Anything to take a break from the job. I have become increasingly frustrated which I feel terrible that Alex and Jim have received my crazy reactions on the simplest of things. I know this will pass. Until then, my next book title will be, “how to kill the cancer without killing the patient”. I never read that book that came out on the history of cancer, but I do remember some of the main ideas as to why are we treating cancer with some of the same drugs that were out ages ago. Crazy. I am hoping that the California Cancer Research Act passes in 2012…there has to be some better ideas. I cannot be the only cancer mystery to solve. Just too many unknowns. It is like a recipe that you follow, but something isn’t quite right, so you add more water, salt, sugar, chicken broth and it just still doesn’t make sense. As I continue my 18 months of chemo, I am still laughing a lot especially as I open a door to a new challenge or more unanswered questions. I choose to not focus on what I don’t know or cannot do anything about and do what I can every day. Even if today is a nap and a little whining, then that is what it is. There are so many of you who bring me sunshine that I cannot help but to keep smiling. Thanks for the sunshine!



One Response to “The P.O.Ps”

  1. Ruthie Says:

    Joanie, hugs and kisses to you! EV, POP, who knew! LOL 🙂

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