“I’m feelin’ okay this mornin’ and you know. We’re on the road to paradise here we go here we go.” David Byrne Talking Heads

Of course, I am feeling the sunshine and tomorrow, it starts again. I do have to say that 20% less chemo drug is a recipe for success. Whatever the other recipe was, I will say that it worked, BUT not so special. The worst part about it (yes, of course this goes back to THE HAIR) was that my hair experienced rapid fallout. I would shake my head and it would be raining hair. It was getting a bit disgusting to find short hairs in and on everything I ate and touched. Now, with the new recipe, the hair loss is at a slow shedding. This makes for a lovely appearance of patches of hair like someone was in the middle of shaving my head and forgot to finish. I have no hair above the left ear and a tuft of hair above the right. I have been too busy to actually care enough to fix the design in hoping that this second dose will finish the downpour. I am happy to say that only a few stray hairs on the eyebrows have left the face. This is great because I could not deal with drawing on eyebrows this week. I would have surely rubbed them off during my emotional moments.

I have to say before I really saw the day light, I felt the sunshine pour in…when my nieces, nephew, and Alex did their rendition of  “we will rock you” in the backyard with plastic rakes as guitars. I had many student encounters (all germ free) which involved needing a hug or telling me that they will miss me over the summer or asking why I don’t work in the office every day because I am so funny. Then, there was the wax museum and all the kids were so amazing. I can still hear one of Alex’s classmates singing a song and playing the ukulele.  It was also the sweet secret girls who left Alex  notes and gifts-so thoughtful and kind. It was just the boost he needed to end this crazy cancer impacted school year. I enjoyed every minute of every day (including watching some crazy parents in the parking lot lose it because they had to park and WALK from their car!). I especially enjoyed my reading to Alex’s class (luckily my Dad help re-vamp my presentation for both boys, girls, and better order for more attention). I even managed to read the toasted marshmallow poem while holding the ipad with the campfire ap. Oh yeah! Also, the Oh the Places You Go on the ipad was nice with sound effects. I was so caught up in all the fun that I did not plan an outfit OR make my note, “if lost, please administer the following drugs at….” that I will attach with a safety pin to my jacket. It was all worth it. The brief conversations with friends I haven’t seen in a while (since I lost 3 weeks on the last crazy chemo) and great moments with other friends new and old are all so important to me. Having my family so close is such a great feeling…I am jealous of all of you who have this every day and all year!!

Summer is here and I made a list of every activity I would like to do during my off weeks. As my very special friend says, it just takes one fun thing. Find your one fun thing every day! Take it from me, it will be worth it and will keep you smiling for hours!


One Response to ““I’m feelin’ okay this mornin’ and you know. We’re on the road to paradise here we go here we go.” David Byrne Talking Heads”

  1. Ruthie Says:

    Joanie, your words always inspire me! Thinking of you with lots of love 🙂

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