[T]he different branches of Arithmetic – Ambition, Distraction, Uglification, and Derision. ~Lewis Carroll

I was thinking about the numbers game of cancer. It is all math-every day! Too much meds, not enough meds, tumor markers up and down, blood tests and numbers too high and too low, weight up, weight down…it is enough to make for a good uglification! My visit to the chemo matrix seems so long ago even though it just happened on Thursday. I was welcomed with open arms (almost cheers and clapping) by nurses and staff. They said they always liked when I came for treatment as I am “so funny”, but now with these special treats…they look forward to my visit. Hmmm….I almost look forward to a day without these visits! Some nurses told me that the special treat brought home to a child made up for the fact that they worked so late. Another nurse told me that she brought some sunshine bee cupcakes to her husband who finally smiled this week as he was in the hospital. The strange thing is that many faces have come and gone (done with their treatment) and there was one familiar face who always had treatment in a private room. This woman decided to sit out with the “rest of us” since she announced that everyone was in a good mood. Glad some treats could make the difference!

I was ready with the new plan only I got a bit confused with all the timing and oops, one drug was too fast…no wonder I was confused. Seriously, next time I will be wearing that tag pinned to my jacket, “if found, please administer Aloxi 45 minutes, Carbo 2 hours, etc….”. I did get side tracked when my doctor ran (yes, ran) to my pod to deliver my tumor marker test. I am still confused as to how he got this back so fast (it usually takes all day until about 6pm). It was noon. I could not believe it-my tumor marker went down 50%! It is goin’ down! I asked him if he expected it to fall this much and he just smiled and said, “you are such a trooper”.  Of course, I had to compliment him on his new short haircut for summer and he blushed. Wow! Another number and going in the right direction!! On the blood numbers game, it looks like we are all anticipating that I will need another transfusion. This is also like playing a lottery or even a card game. Stay tuned…but if I get me some mo’ Pomona blood, I will be ready for the BIG time!

In the meantime, I had 3 nurses this time and one of my favorites who gave me some good advice on dealing with all the side effects and what to take when as far as all the extra pills. I am following her recommendations and I do think it is helping, plus the fact that they reduced the chemo amount by 20% or some other formula. I am wearing the full body patch, eating when I can, sleeping a lot, and looking forward to the sunshine. One new LOVE to add to my list, hearing my nieces and nephew say, “I love you Jojo” plus the sound of their laughter! Okay, one more…dark chocolate honeycomb!

Back to the matrix on Thursday, but I will be starting my week making the most of every minute! My prescription for all of you is to make the most of your days!


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