Did the EVs (Emotional Vampires) actually steal my platelets?

I should have been more in tune with the hard facts of the EVs. Having an ongoing bloody nose for a week, I was ignoring the first clue or was this just bait to lure the EVs out of hiding? After feeling very strange, I decided to take some action by seeing an ENT who decided to vacuum my throat and nose to help with this nosebleed issue? I told him that I did not need any further vacuuming to cause any vomiting as my food coach was on assignment to ensure I consumed every bite. This vacuuming would defeat all this hard work, so instead he decided to cauterize my nose. I will have you note that I made it to the flag ceremony to honor my friend and give my speech without any major word mistakes in front of over 750 students. Unfortunately, Alex missed this presentation since he was a victim himself to the student who came to school and vomited not once, but twice at school. Alex was fine the next day, but I could not risk getting any additional ailments.

Then, the phone calls started coming in! I need to go to the hospital, need to stay overnight, need a platelet transfusion stat. Oh great, as I look at my body, I could have paid attention to the lovely bruises along my arms, legs, back, chest (?), and butt??? Oh well, I attempted to remain calm and try to focus on alternatives of staying overnight. Luckily for my team of doctors and one local doctor who has privileges at Hoag, I was able to go to the Hoag Transfusion center next to the hospital. This was ideal! So, off we went to the lovely ocean view, oxygen filled, transfusion center. I had 3 nurses and was sitting in an upgraded room (or what I would consider an upgrade). Alex was given gifts from the nurses and I was beginning to think he would like me to stay overnight just for the gifts. I got my platelets which when I arrived were 9 and the norm is 150. The platelets were from Northern Cal, but I requested So Cal (just kidding). I left with the promise that I would return for a re-check today. I was next to an older couple who argued (cursing) about whether it was Saturday or Sunday. I did not bother yelling back telling them it was Friday. Then, there were the lovely moaning and groaning sounds, but I put on my headphones and just waited for the platelets to do the work. In the meantime, doctors were calling and checking on me. My platelets are 42 and I made a promise for no sword fighting, knife using, shaving, or any other dangerous activities. Knowing my coordination, I will remain close to home with walking slowly and carefully to avoid any injuries. So, I am unsure if the EVs did steal my platelets since I was not bothered by their ongoing efforts to drain my positivity. On that note, enjoy the sunshine as I am almost seeing some now.


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