“All side effects are temporary, but wellness is something we should plan on keeping for a long time. ” Vickie Girard

This will pass or I keep telling myself. Yesterday, new state of Sleeping Beauty was something I was almost enjoying.  I would press play and watch the many shows that Jim recorded for me. Of course, my last year show favorite was happening again, Australian Master Chef. I love hearing the language and the simplicity of Australian greetings, “how goes it?” is one of my favorites.  In and out, I was sleeping the aches and pains away until I was shocked awake not by the Prince, but by a wave of nausea so fierce that I started moaning and groaning uncontrollably. Looking back, I could have done some ancient chanting which would have sounded better than the moans and groans. Jim started a bath, put the music on for me, and grabbed the anti-nausea patch. Who knew that this patch was made for a giant man arm! We hardly knew how to place this on my arm which seemed like a strange puzzle, so Jim wrapped it around.  I know Jim was whispering something to me, but I could hardly focus. Again, I have vomit phobia. Out of the bath, I assumed the fetal position and listened to my Ludovico Einaudi song which reminds me of running a race and having the strength to finish the race.  After what seemed like hours (only 20 minutes), the meds kicked in. It is funny how we block this badness out from our memory like child birth.

Unfortunately, all these anti-nausea meds cause constipation, so I will be imploding in a few days, but better that than throwing up! All seemed in control when Alex got home, but he told me that my voice sounded weak. He quickly moved to his next priority which is his Operation Paperback. I will find my groove again.  Now that I remember that feeling of nausea, I am taking the anti-nausea meds regularly. I have no idea why I am thinking of strange food combinations like pickles and rice krispy treats. Yes, I know that raw veggies have no smell, but carrots and celery have no appeal. Ginger Ale is my best friend now and my taste buds are even more messed up than before this mess started.   I will give into the rest my body needs. I will sleep again, but at least my Prince, Jim will be waking me for lunch.


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