Lady Gaga influenced extreme makeover closet edition 2011

On Thursday, Jim and I entered the new waiting area of the extreme makeover and were pleasantly surprised. We were greeted with dark brown warm wood panel walls and other earth tones, plus it was nice and bright. While waiting for our pick in the lottery of nurses, we came up with a plan A and plan B. Unfortunately, the plan D walked into the waiting area. I kept chanting, “not me, not me, not me”. Yes, it worked. The door opened to my Plan A! Jim and I gathered the goods to “move into” my new space. I was so happy to see the brightness of the room, but curious about the new Sci Fi design which offered individual beige egg shaped pods (influenced by Lady Gaga?) to each patient.  This appeared to be similar to Howie’s Game Shack, but without the neon lights. I was starting to dig my pod which came with adjustable lighting, a warm blanket, and a nice NEW reclining chair. Even the IV machines were now hi-tech and they weighed less than 100 lbs! You could really roll around this new matrix of pods. Next came the strolling snack cart…the patients were so excited about not walking behind the nurses station to risk becoming “unplugged” for a bag of pretzels.  Then, the best thing of all-MEN and WOMEN toilets!!! Yipee!  The bathroon color choice was interesting with small square green tiles, but I will take it. Back to my pod, I was enjoying my incubation in my pod when my nurse asked about my new medication. Oops, wrong medication! Just a small glitch in the computer system. Again, I remind you all to pay attention to the details with your medical care. This all was sorted out, but we had to wait for the doctor which delayed the process.   In the pod area, you can only have one chair and if you push the chair outside the boundaries of the pod, you will be in violation.  We had a slight violation, but then I did one of my quick thinking long stories with a few key names. I convinced Jim and Margie that the story wasn’t a story. We were in the clear for 2 chairs in the pod as long as we stayed within the boundaries.

The infusion seemed to be going and going until the flush time came. Another nurse asked my nurse if the flush was okay. Plan D screamed that it doesn’t matter while I screamed it certainly does as I don’t feel like having a heart attack today. All in all, besides some burning which is normal and the length of the infusion which was too long, I can honestly say that the change in environment from the chemo closet to the chemo matrix was a breath of fresh air. My day ended with the tumor marker test coming back 40% higher, so I was reminded that I made the right decision to go with the big guns.

Now, Saturday came and went. It is strange how the mind blocks out the experiences that we don’t want to remember. I slept off and on all day on Saturday. The nausea was held at bay with the series of drugs I took. My aches and pains were familiar. This strange feeling of my body consumed by medication brought me that fog that I dislike so much. I am reminded that I am a cancer patient being treated to rid my body of this cancer. That really sucked! My boys did not like seeing me like this and I did not like feeling like this. I know this will pass as it usually does. I will have a new routine now.  I remind myself to not look at what I used to do, but what I can do today.


One Response to “Lady Gaga influenced extreme makeover closet edition 2011”

  1. margie Says:

    Your description of the matrix is so perfect, and I do think they consulted with Lady Gaga’s design team.

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