“So, keep wearing the armor of hope, my friends…” Vickie Girard

I am wearing my armor! Hope still is within me despite my daily encounter of a vigilante at the book fair who is fiercely against boogers, Captain Underpants, Diary of Wimpy Kid, Graphic Classic Novels (Black Beauty in cartoon form for low level readers, these were a defamation to the original books), and finally page 165 (I am not kidding) of an adult book on the adult table. My fearless friends who protected me, I applaud you and thank you. The parent had to recite page 165 in front of the few children (ours) who remained in the book fair. What is next? Chicken breasts, thighs, and legs (stole this from a teacher’s comment)? This was too good not to share for your entertainment. I did explain the purpose of those books and removed the adult book. I know the parent will return tomorrow especially since I will not be there and the parent may lurk in the bushes and wait for me on Friday. I am so happy to being living in my new car, I mean driving my new hybrid. Yes, some of you know I could not open the trunk to get Alex’s racket out for tennis. I did notice I could hide in there since there is an emergency release button.

All in all, I am as ready as I can be until Margie pointed out that we don’t even know where the new closet is! I will be wearing my combat gear and thanks to all you wonderful people, bringing a nice tray of sweet treats to celebrate the grand opening of the closet. I love you all and know that every hug, every email, every call, every look, every comment helps me to get through the long day tomorrow and helps me every day! You are all wonderful and special to me!  I am going to kick some cancer BUTT!


3 Responses to ““So, keep wearing the armor of hope, my friends…” Vickie Girard”

  1. Gail Rosiak Says:

    Joanie–You are remarkable! Although I don’t e-mail all the time; you are ALWAyS is my thoughts and prayers. Not a day goes by when I don’t admire you. You are the Energizer bunny and you are so strong.Hope this day goes well and you know I’m here for you.
    Love you,

  2. Nancy Says:

    Hey Joanie,

    Thinking of you today, and so proud of how you handled the vigilante yesterday…not sure why she continues to return. Anyway, I’m so glad you and “the crowd” will all have the new and improved closet today. You all deserve the “good” chair. I hope the new room has one for everybody, including the one guest each. Keeping my fingers crossed, so you get your favorite nurse today as well. Keep fighting the good fight!! Nancy

  3. jen Says:

    boy–i go to the book fair at the wrong times. I miss all the drama! hope today goes really well for you. good luck!

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