“Cancer teaches us that living is a verb. It is an action word. Living is seeing, doing, feeling, saying, touching, smelling, tasting. IT is climbing and it occasionally falling. It is not a waiting word. Don’t wait to live until you have accomplished a desired otucome. Starting right now, grab every minute of living out of each and every day. If you do, you’ll soon realize that every day well lived is like a miniature lifetime.” Vickie Girard

Yes, the phone rang at 8pm, just when I was trying to say good night to Alex. These doctors do know I have a child, right?  I guess they have not met my little man, analysis paralysis man child. Last night, he was doing conversions from liters to gallons, meters to miles, reciting mean, mode, and other fun math vocab since his math Star test is today. I try to stop this speech with talk of tennis, sports, school fun, but somehow he goes back to his count of books for his operation paperback project. Stop this math talk! So, instead of re-focusing and listening to peaceful music, I traded with Jim to answer the phone. My doctor is here for me and here to save my life, but couldn’t this wait until 9pm when either I am too tired to  listen and Alex is asleep. Okay, I cannot be so demanding. Instead, he recited my list of drugs (I felt like I was making a drug deal) and the plan of going for treatment back to back weeks. So, two weeks on, two weeks off. On a positive note, I can see my cousin more often and I have confirmation from a patient friend that the closet was moved and upgraded. She did not seem overwhelmed by the newness, so I am lowering my expectations to a clean bathroom and new chairs. I guess I should just expect a clean bathroom.

On a side note, today I left a delightful message for the accounting department at UCLA who decided to let a new employee make multiple journal entries on my statement. Instead of the abridged version, I now have the Harry Potter double version of my statement which looks like someone needs a little training in credits and debits. I had to reconcile this to my insurance statement and they made some major mistakes. I decided to entertain myself and leave a delightful voice message in accounting speak, so that they either think I am a chemo patient on heavy duty drugs or think I am crazy! I doubt it would provide some entertainment. Having been a VP of Finance with a department full of people, they all thought I was crazy and did not enjoy my sense of humor or comments that did not add up.

It is rainy today, but I still can see the sunshine! Hope you find the sunshine in your day.


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