Bye bye Miss American Pie, drove my Volvo to the dealer…and left with a Ford Fusion Hybrid!

Our beloved Volvo is no longer with us. She is now retired and we are hoping she is providing some teenager a safe vehicle for 20,ooo more miles. We are now in our hybrid sanctuary of the Ford Fusion. Silence. Music. No more whistling. Our Volvo hummed a happy tune announcing it’s arrival or departure. Now, we had to have our 4Runner sleep outside so that the hybrid could rest in peace. It was a very long Saturday with us leaving the dealer as they were refusing to agree to our price which was only a small difference. Of course, they called us back and 3 hours later, we left with the car.

On my cancer nesting job, get ready for the “baby” or should I say “babies” of pharmaceuticals, I cleaned out my bathroom cabinets and other areas of the house that I created piles of things for myself to review at some moment in time. All was very successful and even more joyful was the arrival of my pharmaceuticals ranging from $300 a pill, $1200 a patch, and the grand baby of $5,000 for a shot which I left at the pharmacy until next week. Wow, I am glad we met our deductible with our first dose of treatment in January. Unfortunately, I am without direction which I should receive tomorrow on all these patches, pills, and potions. I feel like I could wrap myself in a body patch and be good for Thursday, but how will I look cute for the closet (especially the new improved extreme makeover closet 2011 edition)?  With all this excitement, I forgot to tell you that I received a release form from the Dr. Oz show since they are doing an Ovarian cancer show. I wrote something or sent a photo or who knows what?! If I hear anything more, I will let you know or if you see anything, let me know. I also was invited to a seminar on Thursday, but no can do. The seminar was on integrative medicine and the role in cancer. Since I am more alternative exceptional integrative ( my new brand of medicine), I don’t know what I would have said anyway…maybe next year?

We started our weekend with Alex at Howie’s crack shack, I mean Game Shack. That place is crazy with grown men doing Dance Revolution and zombie looking boys with headsets staring at screens with hard drives suspended with bright blue wires like a sci fi film. Alex loved every minute of it. So much that these boys barely stopped to eat a donut? Then, Jim and I had an emotional dinner which we both realized the reality SUCKS since we had a moment of peace by ourselves. Of course, there was the emotional departure of our Volvo and arrival of our hybrid. We ended with a walk at Salt Creek and witnessing a military display for Armed forces day/weekend?! Alex is very focused on that as he is still searching the house for paperback books he can donate. We keep telling him that no soldier wants to read a Cisco technology manual or read about cancer! So, off to dream about the new improved closet. It will be very interesting to see what $1M buys you in chemo treatment facilities.


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