It is official…I am a freak and extremely popular!

I was getting emails and calls today from doctors-o-rama. It seems a new report came out and it is official, “unique” tumor cells. I am still waiting for the Joanie gene to be mapped and cloned, but there may be a delay with that process as the clone needs to be without cancer. This cancer job is full time with NO benefits except massive amounts of drugs, most of which make you ill and few make you sleep. (Although I am still thinking about the sprinkling of some in tea or on yogurt as a topping) So, another meeting will happen on Friday, but there will be a definite new chemo combination drug (because 2 are better than 1) starting next Thursday. So help me, if they are not upgraded to the room and I am packed in the room like a sardine and it smells like a sardine, I may completely lose it. The nurses threatened to weigh me naked if I kept losing weight and I may strip down to nakedness if I am presented with a broken chair and some stinky people.

Moving to a better topic, Alex has an article in the Aliso Viejo Patch and it is so funny. I laughed at the interview as I can hear his voice. His teachers sent me a bunch of emails saying I need to keep for his college. College??? We aren’t even done with elementary school.

Off to sleep and a walk to school in the morning!


2 Responses to “It is official…I am a freak and extremely popular!”

  1. amy Says:

    I saw article in the Alsio Viejo Patch! TBESOC ECC alumni of course!:) Hugs and Kisses , Amy

  2. margie Says:

    Well, I’ll bring an assortment of wonderful fragrances to the closet next Thursday. Maybe some candles, and we’ll start a chorus group to entertain some of the people in there.

    Loved the article on Alex. He is something special!!


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