“Why don’t you call my name, you better call the sledgehammer.” Peter Gabriel

We are not making the call for the sledgehammer yet! Believe or not, my doctor called me at 9pm! The team met and I hear the drum roll…stop the existing treatment was the consensus. The other consensus was no surgery is necessary at this time. Glad we all decided that since it sounded strange to go in with a toothpick to take out some microscopic cancer cells. So, off I go to UCLA on Monday and no need to panic since it is NOT a closet ,but a pleasant internet connected, air filled waiting room of the oncology/gynecology suite. Okay,we won’t go that far as suite implies that it may have some fanciness which it does NOT. The plan is to take my tumor marker again on Monday and start a different treatment next week. It is all a wait and see type of plan, but I don’t know why I feel better about knowing a plan which isn’t really a definite plan. Maybe, it is the stopping of the ole’ drug. Who knows! It could be that I am so tired that I cannot think.

On a side note, just because Alex is the ring bearer in the wedding, I received the call from school today because his eyes hurt. The nurse told me that pink eye is going around, but it doesn’t seem like he has it. After talking to Jim, I decided to check on Alex at lunch where he greeted me with “blue eye and blue face”. Lovely blue marker all over his hands and face! My first question was, “it isn’t a sharpie, right?”. It eventually came off with the help and advice of many moms with some great ideas. I am not sure about the pen blew up story from Alex. It is more like I was playing with my pen and then, it blew up.  Now, tomorrow he will be a non blue faced ring bearer. You can check out my facebook to see his lovely too short rental tuxedo pants. Come on people, work with me! It seems that many people are in need of basic measuring skills.

One day at a time. Deep, deep, breath…or as a  mom told me today, candles lit, listening to music…I will try it.


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