“For every negative, think of a positive thing in your life that you wouldn’t trade for the world. Chances are you will run out of negative things first.” Vickie Girard

Drum roll everyone! The extreme makeover closet edition is in it’s final stages. I was told next week is the move to the $1M closet. I cannot wait to see what a 1 million dollar closet looks like! I am hoping it will be without the lovely urine, old people, chemical smell that greeted me when I arrived on Thursday for my treatment. I really need to find another word instead of treatment as it sounds like I am off to a day at the spa for a cucumber facial or a fassage (new thing with combination massage and facial). Seriously, it smelled. I was first welcomed by my nurse who gave me the overdose. Since I had taken my notes from last time, I was ready to tell her how it should be done. Uh oh, then came the “I think you have no veins, they are all blown” statement. What? I can see some big ones! Then, my favorite nurse arrives, but she is in regular clothes. She helps my nurse find the vein and sets up the IV even though she is not working. She tells me that she is here to see me since she will be gone for a couple of weeks for surgery for an injury that happened with the patient and the “not broken” chair. I was a witness to that scene which as a fake doctor I did confirm with her on that day that she was injured, but the closet was full and she kept working. Now, my favorite nurse will be gone for some weeks! Before we got things going, I had watched the “tennis match” of my favorite nurse with the overdose nurse argue about my plan of the slow drip. The overdose nurse kept saying that they never do it this slow or need that much saline. I walked away with my notebook and talked to my doctor. Then, he talked to her and told her again how it should be done even though I saw on the front of my chart, “slow drip 45 minutes for each drug….” Guess it is just like my favorite nurse said, “it helps if they can read.”  My doctor just returned from Europe and started with the news that my tumor marker had risen. This requires the meeting of the minds to determine what the next plan is going to be.

And so the thoughts begin…Jim begins his research and has his determined look to find out what is out there. I begin my infusion and see that the snack tray is full. Interesting! Then, I look up to see a card posted with the internet password. Jim tries it and finds a 60% signal which doesn’t work for me, but I try it and can look at a web page or 2 for some other entertainment. In the meantime, on one of my visits to  the bathroom while attached to my IV pole, my doctors announced about how great I look and look at my wig, isn’t it great! The best they have seen. It was as if I was doing a runway walk in the chemo closet. Actually, more like a little turn since it is a closet. I was happy to be wearing one of my birthday gift shirts with the appropriate new bracelet and earring accessories. I met many new people in the closet and as usual many who were on their last treatment, and a woman who is a 20 year survivor. All had much to tell and say. I did chat with those who told me how hard it is and how terrible it is, just to tell them a few words of encouragement which made me feel like I can do this too. All of these closet mates agreed that the cancer made them appreciate every day even more and made them realize what is really important.

Tomorrow I will walk for those brave children who are facing the same journey as I am, but they are children. I will be with great friends, Alex, and Jim. I know we will laugh a bit and I will think of all the positive things that I wouldn’t trade for the world!


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