“Does it tire you or does it inspire you? Ask yourself this very important question and act accordingly.” Kriss Carr

This is Kriss Carr’s daily mantra and I am committed to follow these few words. Today, I have been a bit tired, but somewhat inspired. I just need to find the balance. Today, in my conversations, there were those who have lost all forms of sanity and those who are just on the edge. There are also those who inspired me and motivated me to keep going. So, as my mind becomes a bit foggy for my closet visit tomorrow, I was reminded that I did not get a confirmation call. Could this be that they moved and forgot to call me? Upgraded me and thought I did not need a reminder? Jim tells me that I can keep dreaming. I do have an outfit for tomorrow with all my new birthday accessories. So, I will be wearing 5 necklaces and 5 bracelets. This way I can provide some musical entertainment when I visit the toilet with my jingle jangle, right? I think I made the most of every moment today with the exception of sharpening 400 pencils for the STAR testing for our school. It did allow for some daydreaming until our school custodian advised me to pay attention to the blue light on the sharpener indicating the pencils were “cooked”.  I think I should print out this little mantra to remind myself. You should all follow this too. We don’t have time to sweat the small stuff or waste time on those emotional Debby downer vampires that suck the energy right out of you. So, as Aretha Franklin sings “while combing my “hair” now, and wondering what dress to wear now, I say a little prayer for you. Forever, and ever, you’ll stay in my heart and I will love you”….sweet dreams my friends.


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