Lost and FOUND!

Tonight I just received an email from the tumor profilers (sounds like a Sci Fi episode).  The word on the street is that they seem to have found my “parts”. It seems so funny as if they were in the “lost and found” at UCLA.  I read the tumor report which was filled with colorations for identifying some of my body parts. Who knew body parts could be so colorful? I keep wondering if they put a notice out like “Lost 3  tan pink body parts with yellow fluid last seen in the OR #2 on April 22nd”…if found contact ???  The only concerning thing is that they told me in this email that it would be great if I phoned tomorrow. I guess once the parts are found there would be a chance that someone would send them on a “vacation” from the lab or who knows! Once the tumor profilers have them, it will be interesting to see what they find out. I am sure a lovely paper trail will come from all of this adventure. I could even write a book on the adventures of my tumors. I am sure Alex would think it would make a great graphic novel told in the tumor’s point of view.

I am almost feeling back to a less drugged state. It seems too good to be true, but I must seize the moment by walking to school with Alex. Of course, Alex is now at the age where he would rather have me walk far, far, behind him and not with him. How embarrassing! This works out to my advantage for the Jog A Thon this week. Back in first grade, it was all about jogging with Alex and now I can happily watch (hopefully with dark sunglasses and a disguise) from the sidelines.

I cannot believe it has almost been a year since those body parts were removed. It seems so long ago or long enough for tumors to get lost. I am glad they are gone and even happier that I am clear. I really do feel as if I can see the finish line although it still is a bit foggy for me. Soon, the fog will clear!


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