“Fear doesn’t defeat cancer;empowered treatment defeats cancer.” Vickie Girard

Here is the brief update…after waiting almost an hour, I got my 2nd or is she my 3rd favorite nurse? Either way, she knows the slow drip as she was the first one to recommend it! Besides not being upgraded (reason being was that the “bad” nurse was in the upgraded closet). More on the conversations later, just suffice it to say that I AM NOT the only one who notices the dirty bathroom, dingy room, and terrible facility! We had a team of pleasant powerful patients today! In the closet today, there were women who asked questions and did not stop. Funny thing is that instead of cramming us all into the closet with standing room only, they used the upgraded closet and split the patients between rooms. WOW, someone is starting to think! If they could only get rid of the chairs, that would really make me happy. I think “THEY” are listening. In the words of my fellow empowered closet mate, cancer patients don’t have the energy or time to speak out as they are in “the fight for their life”. So, this just pushes me harder to voice my concerns when the opportunity presents itself. Yes, the bathroom was cleaner today, but I did change the toilet paper roll. I also had to have Margie unplug me as it was virtually impossible to exit to go to the bathroom. As I under the influence, I will stop typing before I confuse my words like I did when talking to my mom about the necessarily (instead of necessity). I guess it isn’t as bad as the “menstruation” instead of administration. I did not say that, but we heard it on the radio in Ohio a while ago. I am starting to get blurry eyed. Good night! Happy for my slow drip!


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