Back to Anatomy 101…and not the T.V. show

Great news today from UCLA! I am double clear, but I guess we skimmed the other reports prior to these. I guess last time I wasn’t as clear as I thought I was, so I guess these drugs are really working. I thought they were working last time. Now that Jim and I reviewed both reports from November and this one, I am really really clear except for my new esophagus issue which guess what? Is caused by chemotherapy! Can I not get just a teeny tiny break in these side effect areas? In our review of all these reports, I had to revisit my days of anatomy 101 when some of you knew about my desire to get into nutrition or who knows what or as Jim says, “you should have been a doctor.”  After review of all the language and noting what was there before has vanished-POOF…we laughed again about the UCLA report unable to find certain body parts THAT WERE REMOVED during surgery?!?! This time, they actually wrote a statement indicating that because they were missing, they may have been removed during surgery. At least they did not claim my “missing” parts were found somewhere re-located to other areas of my body or like last report, they were just “missing” as if a mystery needed to be solved. Hi, is this UCLA? I found an omentum in my kitchen and it looks like it may be Joanie’s? Guess they should check that lab where my parts were frozen? Of course, this makes some good reading material and I need to print everything for a frame or put in my giant binder of lab reports and other tests. Unfortunately, we are out of paper, so that fun project will have to wait. Yes, we are still old fashioned here and without the printed evidence, I don’t feel completely satisfied.

Also, while waiting for the double confirmation, my team of doctors anxiously contacted me to persuade me from having any type of dental work done. Of course, to add to my stomach issues, esophagus issues, missing hair, skin rash, itchy rash, sores that won’t heal, is now my tooth issue. They acted like I was going to have a limb amputated. Guess I should now ask permission to do anything having to do with my body? If they only knew I was walking around the germ land of elementary school. Pssst, don’t tell anyone! I do wear my hair, but not a mask. I only exhale and never inhale. I think I am “safe” for the time being, but these doctors are not aware of the lack of talent I have in walking and talking. Again, if you saw a video of my Club Med tambourine dance, you would get the picture.  I guess these bruises on my legs and arms could have been avoided if I stayed in a chair and did not move. Again, I am reminded that I am in treatment for cancer and not some renovating project of an office in need of a great re-design! The other great news is that we put our deposit down for our Mediterranean Cruise! Now, to dream of the Greek Isles!


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