Door bell ditch me…I dare you!

After our Friday celebration and emotional exhaustion, I was eager to sleep especially coming down from my no carbs to carb night. Of course, around 9pm  the door bell ringing began and the screaming of profanities started from what seemed to be a “gang” of kids. I was too tired to do anything and Jim was tired too. Of course, we had Alex pop out of his room wondering what all the noise was about…Saturday, our celebration continued with playing a tennis match (Alex is getting too good), taking a walk, and eating at True Foods. Again, you all know my bed time is around 8pm. Then, the door bell started ringing again and again. This time, I urged Jim to find the culprits. I had no hair on and debated to jump out and frighten these children, but I was thinking that my head looked like a bad haircut or someone shaving parts off, but not finishing the job. Instead, I tossed my wig on crooked. Alex yelled at me, “mommy, your head is crooked.”  I thought the crooked hair would give more impact of a woman gone crazy. I started screaming that I was going to call the police. This brought one of the door bell ringers close enough for identification. I have a school yearbook from last year and he looked very familiar!  He did apologize, but his friends continued to scream some lovely greetings to us. I told him that I would call the police, so I did. Who knows what will happen next, but I am definitely on neighborhood watch. Alex could not stop laughing at my crooked “head”. I will add this to my list of the top reasons not to care about wearing a wig. I am still smiling because I AM CLEAR, but don’t mess with me because I am still drugged and need my sleep!


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