Sunshine and Clear skies ahead! Scan is CLEAR!

After trying to reach all my doctors…who knew it was a “holiday”!  My internist who is off on Fridays called us as she logged into the hospital computer system and told us “all clear” except for some colon “issues” which is caused by chemo and/or Avastin. Rather have a colon issue than a cancer issue any day! Then, a call from my other doctor came who talked directly to the radiologist and confirmed “the all clear”! Jim did a happy dance which my mom wanted to see via video, but it was too funny to even record! Alex kept saying, “what is going on? are you crying or laughing?”. I am so happy even though I am not supposed to be around crowds of children since I glow in the light or even hug Alex. Jim took the risk and we hugged and both did a “happy dance”. Now, this weekend we will look at the dozen or so quotes for the cruise, so Ciao, Yassas and Görüşürüz!


2 Responses to “Sunshine and Clear skies ahead! Scan is CLEAR!”

  1. margie Says:

    I’m doing a happy dance as I do my taxes! Will see you soon!


  2. Kelli Moore Says:

    I am doing a happy dance as well!! The kids in the library are looking at me oddly, but I don’t care!!!!

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