Extreme Makeover Chemo Closet Edition

While waiting to be radioactive, I had a discussion with my technician. She and I were talking about the chemo closets in the OC area. She said that after hearing about OC cancer patients complaining about their chemo closet, she decided to investigate. She said while Newport Beach has the Ritz Carlton of maternity wards, it is missing the luxury chemo closet. It seemed completely strange to her. See I am not the only one who thinks this is ridiculous! By the way, in the short time since my last scan in November, Hoag has improved the process greatly with the patient in mind. Imagine yourself being told to sit in a dark room and “don’t think of anything”…oh, that works after you have had a no carb dinner and no carb day being in cancer treatment without eating gum or mints ALL day?! Now, they have you sip slowly this lovely thick fruity tooty beverage. You know my taste buds are screwed up when I am thinking that it doesn’t taste that bad. They have a mark where you are supposed to stop drinking and explained that you must only drink this amount prior to the scan as it must be in your stomach. They have all this down to seconds reducing your exposure and pain and suffering! Wow, to think that someone thinks of a patient first?!

Just a side note for all you low carb, no carb diet fans…I think as my Aunt Sylvia says, “everything in moderation” works best. You need some carbs. I was completely shaking, cold sweats, and blurry eyed. So, while we waited for the copy of the cd, we went to the cancer center for a banana and drink and found a swatch board with fabrics, tile, diagrams, glass samples, drawings of the new improved closet treatment center at Hoag. I think this will be my mission along my journey to fight for a healing center for all patients in the US. It isn’t right that chemo closets even in the OC are not healing. Cancer patients don’t have the energy or strength to fight for a more comfortable treatment place. I know I barely have the energy some days. So when I get “drug free” , I will fight for all those who sit in broken chairs and without soap, toilet paper, strolling musicians, ipads, ipods, kindles, and all the calm of a healing environment. Until then, I plan to get out in the sunshine and take a stroll with my husband! Make the most of your weekend!


One Response to “Extreme Makeover Chemo Closet Edition”

  1. Ruthie Says:

    You are amazing! I think of you often and love to read your blog! Leave it to you to find “the silver lining” and find a way to turn this process into something good for others. Giving you my positive energy though I think you have enough for a village 🙂


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