“Success means having the courage, determination, and the will to become the person you believe you were meant to be.” George Sheehan

On Friday afternoon, I had a conversation with the Director of Patient Affairs. I was armed with my list from patients of almost all the major cancer centers of the US, plus a few others. Of course, if you could read my writing, you would win an award! He listened and agreed that cancer patients need a healing and comfortable place to get their treatment. After explaining that a harp would definitely not fit into the current closet and that I wasn’t expecting strolling musicians or even a mariachi band (that would be hysterical), I would be happy with simple adjustments for a clean comfortable closet experience. I also explained again why there isn’t any wi-fi and he thought it was “fixed”. During our conversation, he reminded me what a great person I am for having taken the time to make this list (damn straight!) and think of not only myself, but all patients. He said this was a first for him in conversations he has had with patients. I always like to be the first especially in this category, but not the weird drug side effect category. He asked me if he could meet me at my next treatment. Sure, why not? I am hoping to be fully dressed in combat gear (not for him, but just in case the chair police are there), so forget my relaxing comfy outfit. That outfit definitely did not work to my advantage last time AT ALL! He also asked me to put in writing all this information in an email and then, even offered to take a copy of my hand written notes, so not to trouble me. Not one ounce of trouble, since I am thinking anything in writing will help the cause for a better chemo closet now and in the future. The kickoff for my weekend was almost a touchdown for sure.

It was Jim’s birthday, so we went to see Wicked and strangely enough at the end of the performance, they were collecting money for breast cancer and ovarian cancer. We really enjoyed the performance and Alex liked it too. I had seen Wicked at the Pantages which is a different experience, but I was happy to see it again with Jim and Alex. I also went shopping with Jim for his birthday. We definitely found what he needed and laughed a lot that we were shopping during our free alone time while Alex was at a birthday party. So, this week is my countdown to the closet and meeting the director. I have plenty of time to pick out an outfit and I will make that happen. I have been not feeling as great as I usually do by this time, but hoping to have an answer this week for this too. Yes, I still have to make an appointment for my PET scan, but I doubt they are booked solid, so I will add this to my list to do….Perfect sunny weather, I hope to get outside soon. Until then, I am so happy that I sent my list to the director as now I really know that I did all I can do for this week. You know I am not finished yet with improving the chemo closet….


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