How the other half lives OR chemo snobs and chemo divas!

So, survey says…drum roll please, that there exists a person called a chemo snob and even a chemo divas. Did you know that some clinics have strolling musicians, harp music, or a trio playing classical music? Some offer massages, snack carts, built in massage chairs, lovely views, mini fountains, waterfalls, soothing paint colors, lap tops with wi-fi that you can borrow, ipads, nooks, kindles, ipods, that you can borrow?! Here is the real shocker, sound of the cymbals with another drum roll, different bathrooms for MEN and WOMEN?! Who knew? Seriously, the strolling musicians put me over the edge. I only asked for toilet paper and soap and to think I could have asked for a strolling musician. I am sure if I did they would have thought they were giving me way too much of something. Now that I heard about the different bathrooms and strolling musicians, I think I still have to pursue my dream of becoming a closet diva! Okay, I can think of other diva categories I would prefer at this point.

I had a fabulous time with my mom’s short visit. While Jim was having his week from hell (seriously, on calls until 1am, driving back and forth to LA to meetings that people would either be late or not show up or the wrong people show up, or text during a presentation), I was enjoying a lunch at Sapphire talking of the ole’ working days. It is tough out there! Not that I really know, but whatever generation (x,y,z, p,d, q), they are  missing a work ethic and they better find it soon. I would never even think to do or say the things that people do in the work environment today. No common courtesy, no manners, and it just seems to be too many of the “all about me” generation. Actually, I would fire those people and did fire those people. Yes, there was the crazy pencil throwing security needed exit “interview”, but hey, those were the days. Now, I just deal with people driving in backwards into a school parking lot, making comments about “you know what you should really do” and do nothing, and complaining about their hair, nails, vacation homes,  and other really important issues. Okay, slight exaggeration as I do know some incredible women (and men) who do amazing things for our schools and our communities.

Speaking of incredible people, my mom is one of those women! I do not know how she does what she does! Every detail she handles for meetings of thousands and thousands of people from not having a roll that makes crumbs at a fancy dinner to red onions on a salad stinking up a room to making sure a person has the right room, flight, bus, golf, food, car, chair, hand holding etc…she has even been in a hospital with a person who had a medical issue during an event until the spouse arrived. She came here to remind me that I am almost there and I can do this. She understands how frustrated I am not being all that I was, and reminds me that I will be back and even better in just months. She sees me struggle with every day activities and sees how much energy it takes me to do what I want to do.  Instead of seeing “this” as a problem, just hugs me and listens. She did not offer a solution as we both know there really isn’t one. Drugs are drugs and they do strange things. For some people, they may not have even noticed a change in their every day life mentally, but I do. She reminded me to look at what is important, my husband and son. My mom likes to fix things, solve problems, and she is great at it. Her visit gave me just what I needed, a hug from my mom and reminder that this too will pass.

In the meantime, reality has hit and the spring break trip to Monterey is looking like it may be more local. As long as we are together, it will be fun and fun is what I need. (what we all need!)


2 Responses to “How the other half lives OR chemo snobs and chemo divas!”

  1. Sandra Says:

    Hi Joanie – It was good that your Mom was there to put a positive spin on things. It has been so long since I last saw your parents. Please tell them I said hello. BTW, keep finding the good things in life and please know that we are all rooting for you back here in NJ!

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