Lessons learned Take 2 or is it Take 3?

What a weekend I had! Besides being foggy and nauseous and sleeping 12 hours, I am happy to say that the fog has lifted. As soon as my mind was clear, I composed a letter to my doctor’s office regarding the “flush” situation and my ongoing plea for a slow drip. It just proves once again that if you become complacent for even a second, things can go horribly wrong. Again, you must be your own advocate at all times day or night. Coincidentally, a phone call came this weekend from a strange number, so I called it back. Was it a sign? It was a survey for the hospital and clinic and the pre-recorded message said that they will call me back. I couldn’t wait any longer, so my morning has been full of calling. It took ten calls including one to the billing for my big question of the day, “you billed me for twice the amount of medication I should have received. Did I or didn’t I have the correct amount?”. This investigation was going to be continued, but whatever I got, I got….After my 10 attempts, I finally got an email address after first being told that I must send a letter. I almost said, “are you kidding me?”, but politely asked for the Director or whatever his title was email address. So, round 2 of composing my letter and I filled it with what I thought were constructive complaints. I revised my very emotional letter where I almost stated, “you suck big time”, but instead went with the main theme of the letter, ” which is why cannot the atmosphere and level of care of the closet match the level of care of the doctors?”. This does not seem so difficult and I am tired. I am tired of the closet atmosphere and the lack of effort to see it change. I have only seen a glimpse of a change and then, poof gone the next time-same ole’ stinky closet. I asked the director person how he would feel sitting up to 9 hours (what I used to do) facing a wall or sitting in a closet with no air or windows being treated for cancer. This is not for fun to see who lasts the longest and will win a prize of some type. This is survival for all those in the closet and it is unacceptable that this closet is lacking in the simplest of comforts. If there is a hands free soap dispenser next time, I will consider it one small step for success. Okay, I would take several rolls of extra toilet paper. I am not asking for much!  My doctor did answer my email and said he would ensure that this would not happen again. Now, to wait for the next answer. Until then, I will go out to the air and sunshine wishing I did have a lot more nose hairs, so that breathing would not burn my nose and make my eyes water. Guess, I can wait for that as knowing my luck, I will end up with a giant tuft of hair out of not only my nose, but my ears!


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