The parking lot “blues”….

I feel like that saying, “it is a bird, no it’s a plane, no it’s cancer crying”. It can come on for no reason and suddenly even in parking lots or in front of school. The worst part is that the crying burns my nose. I guess another side effect of a drug which I forgot, no nasal hairs. Who knew the tuft of hair out of the nose could come in handy? Although, I haven’t seen many old men sobbing as they are usually victims to the tuft of hair out of the nose. You would think that this entire pain in the nose would prevent me from crying, but nope, the body compensates and the tears just flow out of the eyes. I could purchase some doll hair and stick it up my nose. Oh, that would be pretty?!  So, some of you have been encountered by me with the faucet flowing and you did not even run or give me “the look”. This look is the “poor you” look. Luckily, I haven’t encountered that for at least one week. You give me the look of support, love, concern, and cheer me on. What would I do without my cheerleaders? By the way, thanks to all my cheerleaders who have given me some pretty clever half way gifts. I am not so sure that I could come up with these ideas!

Speaking of ideas, how do I put back the eyelashes that are now falling off? Yes, this could be the cumulative effect of the drugs, but I was getting used to having my eyelashes back. Now, I am on “brow watch 2011”. Are the brow hairs falling off too? Do I need to start the stencil the eyebrow again phase? Just when I thought it was safe, then back to the drawing board of camouflage eyelash and eyebrow routine.  I made it with no hairs, so I know I can make it with a few less. I just hope the weird asymmetrical situation does not occur again. I am not an artist and do not want to have the inquisitive look while I help Alex’s class with math. It just would create more confusion as if they need that. It may come in handy in the closet as if I am questioning every move the nurse makes. It could guarantee that I have the drip done right the first time? Okay, now convinced a few less hairs even asymmetrical would not be that horrible.

Countdown to closet…2 more days and I am not in the mood as it is cold outside (okay, relatively speaking 60s), so will the closet have the heat on which would make it stink even more than it does? Plus, I have no outfit prepared. I still have time, but usually I come up with a “statement” outfit or as Jim says, “ready for combat, ready for battle?”.  Plus, the seating is critical for many reasons!

On a side note, I have changed my diet back to almost the pre-Alex time with no chicken or beef, some eggs, little dairy, and some fish. So, if any of you have recipes that you think Alex would like, send them my way. This old/new way is helping my stomach issues, so I am sticking with it. Of course, there are some winners and some losers. Yes, Alex has told me that some of the food looks like animal food, but I am not sure if that is a good or bad thing.


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